Book Club Parent Update

"The Awesome Group"

What have we been learning in "The Awesome Group" with Mrs. Poovey?

We are having a great time in our fifth grade book club, "The Awesome Group." (The students picked that group name!) We are on page 110 of Because of Mr. Terupt. The kids are really enjoying all the different character plots. We are identifying ways the characters deal with stress and anxiety and applying it to stressful situations in their lives. So far, we have discussed anxiety triggers and practiced the following anti-stress strategies:

  • Positive Thoughts instead of "Trashy Thoughts"
  • Organizational strategies for staying calm with schoolwork: Chunking projects, making a plan, and setting goals (especially with report cards).
  • Deep belly breathing
  • Identifying relaxing activities to participate in during stressful times (exercise, reading, drawing, writing worries down, hanging out with family or friends, etc.)

How can you support our group at home?

  • Ask your child to rate their anxiety from a 1-5 every week so you can gauge how he or she is doing (5 is the LEAST anxious). We do this at the beginning of every session.
  • Remind your child to use one of our strategies if he or she is having a stressful week.
  • Practice organizational habits like using the daily agenda or a monthly planner so students can make plans for handling schoolwork.