Gates Foundation


Starter questions

What are the main goals? At the gates foundation?

What has the gates foundation done to advance education?

What the foundations primary focus?


Committed and Our college

To ensure that all students in the U.S have opportunity to receive a high - quality education, Our college ready programs. Aim to ensure that all students at all grade levels are being prepared for the next grade or college. The Gates Foundation also have a post secondary success program aims to dramatically increase the number of young people who obtain a post secondary degree or certificate with labor-market value.

Focus and Teaching

In each of there focus they share research, insight ,and tools with states, school districts, and other partners to help them improve teaching and learning, they also work to foster greater collaborations so effective programs can be expanded and valuable insights and ideas. Teaching is one of the vital to learning, but often is over looked, teacher want to see there students to succeed researchers collocates on the measures of the effective teaching project, this better understand what great teaching looks like and starts to make a stander to look from.


They investing in a new generation of courseware that adapts in sophisticated ways to students learning needs. Blending face to face instruction with digital tools allows students to learn independently and at there own pace.