Whitefield Kollel presents

New horizons for your Jewish learning

You choose the topic … made to measure learning experience

Peruse our attractive catalogue at your leisure

Shabbat, Philosophy or Interpersonal relationships – there is no end to what’s available

Shared learning materials available on your I Pad to prepare and enjoy at home

When and where?

Groups forming now for week-night learning sessions 6.45 - 7.45 in the Alan Sheff Beit HaMedrash, The WHC.

Or - we'll find a time and place just right for you and friends


What's new about this?

Whereas in the past you may not have known what you were in for, now we are offering a modern and well presented syllabus which puts you in the driving seat - choose the topics that fit you.

Are we learning from a book or just listening?

We've used PDFs and the comfort of your own laptop or tablet to present friendly Jewish learning. Enjoy in the comfort of your home and then hear a refreshing take for your Kollel partner.

Can I bring a friend?

That would be great - socially interactive learning experience - is more exciting for all. So sit with your friend and choose from our menu.