Ancient Egypt's Geography

By Brian Ngo

The Nile river

The Nile river was a great resource for the Ancient Egyptians because the Egyptians would settle near the Nile river because there was fertile land near the Nile river.Imagine you are a farmer and so would you rather want to settle near a place with fertile land or would you want to be in a place with hard rocky soil.I would rather want the place with fertile land don't you think so.Also the Nile river is a water source as well for the Egyptians.So in my conclusions the Nile river was a great Source for the Egyptians.

The Nile river Cataracts

The Nile river Cataracts was a great defense for the Egyptians. Would you like to know how well if you do I would tell you.The Egyptians didn't had to do anything because of their cataracts or there system of the defense there were rocks and hard waves everywhere so it would be hard for traveling boats to go to there land.IN my conclusions the Egyptians had a pretty strong defense.

What I thought about this

I thought this assignment was really fun but I almost ran out of time.