Secondary Storage

All about the world of Secondary Storage :)

What is Secondary Storage?

Secondary storage retains its content when the computer is switched off. It stores both program and data.

Why use secondary storage?

When internal memory is volatile. When you need somewhere to store data.

key Words about Secondary Storage

Capacity - The amount of data to be stored/ size of file.

Speed - How quickly the user needs to be able to access from the storage device.

Probability - Whether the data needs to be moved form 1 place to another such as from home to school.

Durability - How long the storage media can reasonably be expected to last.

Reliability - Whether the data can always be accessed reliably and in the format in which it was saved.

Types of Secondary Storage

Flash, Floppy disk, zip disk, CD + RW, CD + R, DVD + RW, DVD + R, Storage tape.