What's New at 610 Henry?

The BNS/Brooklyn Collaborative Unity Newsletter

What's this newsletter all about again?

Hi everyone,

It's been a little while since we sent out a unity newsletter. As a reminder, one of our goals is to strengthen the Pre-K-12 collaboration and unity in our school building. Through the unity newsletter we will share with you some highlights of the exciting project based work going on in classrooms across the whole building and will also highlight examples of collaboration between BNS and Brooklyn Collaborative students. If you would like to be involved in the work we are doing, please e-mail Amy (amysumner@bns146.org) or Amanda (amandab@bcs448.org)

Our shared mission statement:

At 610 Henry Street we envision a diverse and inclusive learning community of students and the adults who work with them, all engaged in thought, dialogue, and exploration. Through the use of a project-based inquiry curriculum, we help students become independent thinking human beings, who understand how to learn. At each stage of learning, educators foster the development of young people’s voice and sense of personal and social responsibility.

We Are College Bound

In December BNS and BCS students lined the streets in front of the school to cheer on our seniors as they marched to the post office to mail their college applications. The College March on December 9th celebrated the day when every single senior had submitted at least one college application.

Now, in April, our Class of 2016 is in the thick of making final decisions about where they will go to college next year. We are so proud of the work they've done throughout the college and financial aid application process, to find places where they can thrive and grow as individuals, as learners, and as members of our larger community. They have been courageous, persistent, and open-minded, and are making powerful choices about their educational futures.

Many of our graduates will be attending colleges that are among the most selective in the country. Lizbeth Lucero plans to study Development Sociology at Cornell University. Amanda Martin-Lawrence will be spending the next four years in southern California--or, she hopes, studying abroad!--as a student at the progressive and socially engaged campus of Pitzer College.

Like Amanda, many of our students choose to attend small liberal arts colleges that prioritize inquiry-based, project-oriented learning and assessment, and active, student-centered classrooms. Jennifer Pichardo will attend Skidmore College; Amari Dumas will attend Hamilton College; and Jonathan Diaz, Ivie Mims and Bridget Cantor will all be attending Muhlenberg College.

All of these institutions know Brooklyn Collaborative well. As part of our "Campus Invasion Days" this past week, we brought a group of ninth through eleventh grade students to Franklin and Marshall College, where Anahi Sandoval will be attending, and were hosted by the college president. Their staff made sure our students knew they were able to submit PBATs instead of SAT scores!!

More than half of our students will attend colleges in the City University of New York (CUNY) and State University of New York (SUNY) systems. We are looking forward to students finalizing these choices over the next two weeks!

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Brooklyn Arts Exchange Collaboration

Through a grant, we were fortunate enough to continue our partnership with Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) this year. Resident artist Jose Garcia joined 6th grade elective classes and also has been running an after school musical theater program for 4th, 5th and 6th graders to collaborate and work together. Check out this video of the 6th grade spanish class performing for Jennifer and Malika's 3rd grade and Jenny's 1st grade class.
6th grade Spanish class performs for the Brooklyn New School through BAX partnership

PBA's and PBAT's

This year at BNS and Brooklyn Collaborative students have the opportunity to engage in authentic research and present their learning through PBA's, PBAT's and Roundtables. It has been so exciting to see students of all ages present and celebrate their work! Here are some highlights from the PBA's and PBAT's so far.

In 3rd grade students presented their China study project. In 5th grade students presented their Mayan study project and research paper. In 6th grade Math classes, students combined geometry and design theory to create the ideal classroom desk. In 8th grade students worked on an interdisciplinary unit exploring the best response to injustice in the Civil Rights Movement.

If you are curious about the PBA/PBAT process and want to sit on final presentations 6th grade ELA and 7th grade ELA are coming up in the next few week. email amandab@bcs448.org for more details. Students will be presenting their research on eminent domain and on gun control legislation.

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Middle School Admissions Update

In the next few weeks 5th grade families will receive their school placement for next year. We are always excited to welcome BNS families to Brooklyn Collaborative. Although we are always full after round one, historically we have made an exception for BNS families who decide they want to apply to BCS in the appeals round. If you are not happy with your school placement and want to explore BCS as an option for next year please reach out to Amanda (amandab@bcs448.org).