election of 1800


thomas jefferson V. john adams

in the election of 1800 i would support thomas jefferson. he had a great idea for government and his ideas was to make the united states a great free country. he was a leader and one of the founding fathers of our country and he helped to write the decralation of independence.

brittan V. france

i would support france because they fought with us ( the united states) against brittan and they helped us to gain our independence. france suppiled guns and other materials to fight with, france sided with america against britten because of losing the 7 year war and wanted revenge.

army or navy?

i think that we should have both a strong army and navy but i would think that we should have a stronger army because not everywhere is surrounded by water so that means the navy doesnt have to come in and the army would be able to go anywhere.

yes i suppot the alien and sedition act because it allows the president to protect the citizens by deporting people who are a threat to us. if we didnt have this act then the government would be limited in what they could do with foreign criminals or threats

stronger national govt. or state govt.?

i feel that the states should have more power because it should be up to them to run their part of the government not the national government. we feel that we are being over powered by the federal government

what kind of people should rule?

i think that these types of people should rule. people of the people, strong independent leaders, people who look for the better of the country and rule by the will of the people. and someone who doesnt over step federal boundrys.

1) govern for the people of the people and by the people

2) integrity

3) loyality