People's Sorrow

Biography of X

John the Baptist the III, better known by his stage name of X, is a vocalist and producer who resides in Harare, Zimbabwe. He was abandoned by his parents before he was even born and sent into Fangorn Forest to be raised by wolves. At the age of 5 he left his wolf pack in order to travel the world and find his purpose in life. It was not until his visit in Tokyo, Japan where he realized his passion to create music where he was at an anime convention and heard the theme song to Inuyasha, which coincidentally was the first song he ever heard. As soon as he discovered music, he instantly realized that was going to be what his entire life would be dedicated to create. X started discovering numerous other artists, such as the creators of the Sailor Moon Theme songs, the Pokemon theme songs as well as even the Dragon Ball Z theme songs. It was not until the 1950s, after World War II came to an end is where he discovered his most favourite artist of all time, which happened to be a group known as the "Back Street Boys". Not only were they X's favourite artists of all time, but they are known to be the greatest musicians to have ever stepped on the face of the Earth next to Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. At the age of 16, X realized that it was 2013 and he was suppose to be old enough to be a grandfather but he was still a teenager. This is when he realized that horses did not have knees and he should take Co-Op at his high school for music. After taking Co-Op for music, he learned how to produce beats which then lead him to taking a music and computers course in grade 12. X instantly enjoyed the class because it consisted of him doing exactly what he would do at home and his Co-Op placement, make music. It was not until after X created his first few songs in this classroom which is when he realized that him, his music teacher a long with the entire class were going to one day rule the universe by creating theme songs to anime T.V. shows.
Her - X
Numb - X

People's Sorrow World Tour: Toronto Date

Thursday, June 20th 2013 at 8pm

40 Bay Street

Toronto, ON

Here's the Toronto People's Sorrow World Tour date, hopefully everyone comes out. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


Just created the CD backing..SEEK PEAK!

May make some adjustments.. nothing final, just something to show the people.