Weekly Memo 6.16.13

Sparkling Charms

Fabulous calls to jump on this week!!

Tips from the Top
Tuesday, June 18th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
Summer is the perfect time to be creative with your Trunk Show schedule. While the in-home Trunk Show is the heart of our business, consider augmenting your Trunk Show sales this season with summer sales boosters. Join this week's Tips from the Top call to hear how Lead Stylists, Sarah Spurrell and Julia Klemin and Sr. Stylist, Katie Hall have all successfully increased their sales through selling on the go and online Facebook style sessions and how you can too!

Wednesday, June 19th
In this Workshop, we’ll discuss the basics of booking Trunk Shows. We’ll cover booking from scratch, building your Who Do You Know List, planting seeds at Trunk Shows and using the Words to Say to book Trunk Shows. If you want to maximize your bookings with the new Summer Collection, you won’t want to miss this call.

Maximizing your Trunk Show Experience
Thursday, June 20th
Join Leadership Development Director, April Price, for a fun and informative Workshop to help you maximize your Trunk Shows in March. Hear how to achieve 10-3-2-1 through effective Hostess Coaching, savvy Trunk Shows tips and Follow Up. If you want to increase your dollars per hour, this is the Workshop for you!

June Specials

Sunday Inspiration

My trunk show schedule

June 14th- Claypool

June 15th- Greenwood

June 16th- Akron

June 18th- Claypool

June 19th- Greenwood

June 22nd- Franklin

June 24th- Greenwood

June 25th- Culver

*I'm back in Indiana until July 5th. I do have limited internet access so if you need to get ahold of me, please call my cell!

There's still 2 weeks of June to maximize. I know I'm trying to squeeze in two more trunk shows. I'd LOVE 10!!