Settle down in Tejas!

Vast land for farming and ranching!

Settle in the mystical land of Tejas. Yours to farm and ranch!

Tired of the U.S?

•Tired of the annoying taxes and being in debt?

•Want a better chance at making a living?

•Yearn for a new easier life for you and your family?

If so, this is the perfect place for you and your family to live and thrive in, the Stephen F. Austin colony in Tejas! Only 12 and a half cents for an acre. If you're a family of farmers you'll be given a labor of is 177 acres of land. If you're a ranching family you'll be given a sitio which is 4428 acres of land. All you have to do is send in a application. But does this deal sound to good to be true for you? Well be rest assured, tons of families have sent in applications, came to Tejas, and are really happy. Come before there is no land left!

Location of the colony

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Info about me Stephen Fuller Austin

I was born on November 3, 1793. My parents were Moses Austin and Maria Austin. Moses was a empresario. As a kid I moved all over the place to get education. After Moses died I decided to carry on his task and become an empresario.