Mrs. Foulk's News


This Week:

Math: We have been finding perimeter of shapes. Overall, the class has done an OUTSTANDING job with this. We need to continue practicing our addition and subtraction facts so that we are fluently adding and subtracting with numbers up to 1,000.

Reading: We used close reading to develop a deep understanding for what we read.

Writing: Our writers are drafting and publishing their informational writing piece. Ask them which "nonfiction" features they are including in their work.

Social Studies: We will begin learning about the sun and moon and their relationship to Earth and our Solar System.

Important Dates:

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Week of 10/27

No School: 10/31

Close Reading

This week the students chose which article they read "closely". They read and discussed their thinking with groups. Ask your student what their article was about.

8 Boarder States

Boarder States Song

Grandparent/Special Person's Day

Today went really well! I loved seeing how proud each guest was of their third grader. Listening to the kids tell their guest about their writing and reading was my favorite part.


One way that I take grades is on a standards-based scale. A student may receive a 1, 2 or 3 on an assignment instead of an actual letter grade. A three means that the student understands the concept, a two means they may have needed additional support and a one means that they still need help in understanding that concept.

If a student gets lower than a 70% on an assignment, it will be sent home with a "correct and return" label. If the students returns it corrected, their grade will be adjusted.