6 things you need to know on smokin

The Real Murderer

#1 Smoking Kills

From different countries around the world we all have one thing similar. That smoking kills everyone. In the UK 100,000 people die each year from smoking. (patient)

#2 Smoking has birth defects

Being pregnant or being around someone who smokes is really bad and has many different negative effects to newborn babies. Some of the effects on newborns can be as fatal as a miscarriage also a chance of death, and a low birth weight for babies.

#3 Smoking is international

In china overall more people smoke there than people that live in the US as a whole. Due to many big smoking companies and factories being out there over 68% of people in China smoke which is a little bit more than two out of three people smoke.

#4 Your lungs

As you go through another, and another pack of cigarettes you will notice that you lungs begin to break down making it harder and harder to breathe making physical activities almost impossible. Say goodbye to the Sunday baseball games with the family. (quit)

#5 Your brain

Going through cigarettes is so easy but stopping cigarettes is hard. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is as addictive as heroin making it hard for smokers to actually put the words to action.

#6 Stained teeth

Smoking may be fun as you go by pack, but effects may even be as fatal as STAINED TEETH!

Sorry guys and girls but humans that don't smoke think its attractive. Overall its a dumb ideal to smoke but you wont find your mcdreamy while your binge smoking.