Don't Text and Drive

It's better to lose a sec of ur life, than ur life in a sec

Virginia Distracted Driving law

Bus drivers can't text or call while driving.

Novice drivers can't text or call while driving.

Experienced drivers can only call not text while driving.

Distracted Driving laws

46 states including Guam, D.C. , and Puerto Rico bans all texting from all drivers.

1 out of the remaining 4 restricts school bus drivers from texting.

2 out of the remaining 4 restricts texting by novice drivers

History of texting and driving

Texting first used in December 1992, Neil Papworth sent a message from his computer to Richard Jarvis's phone.

Helped those with hearing problems.

Quickly became a mode of conversation for most people.

Texting will blind you for 5 seconds at a time while driving.

Texting while driving slows break reaction by 18%.

Per years 1,600,000 teen accidents happens because of texting while driving.

The highest distraction for drivers from 16-20 is texting at 82%.

Missouri's Texting while driving laws.

Bans texting for 21 years of age and younger.

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Virginia Texting while driving law.

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