How the moon came to be.

A fable on the moon.

How the moon came to be.

One day the Sun was sad and tired. Sad because he was alone and the only bright thing in the universe. Tired of having to stay up all the time to shine for the people below. Even though he was sad and tired he knew he had to stay up. This went on for years and year and years. Until one day.

The Sun was walking around and heard a voice behind him. "Who is it?" said the Sun. "It is me the Moon, the God Selene sent me to give you a brake during this new thing called "The Night". said the Moon. ""Who is the God Selene?" asked the Sun. "The God of me the Moon." said Moon.

So every day when the Sun gets tired he slowly falls and the Moon rises to take his place. That is how the Moon came to be.

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