What do you gain from smoking!

by stephanie yogarajah


Ever wondered what was actually in a cigarette, well ill tell you, and you are not going to like it. SMOKING KILLS not only the smoker but others around them!

The long term affects of smoking!

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Some long term effects of smoking!

-Blood flow drops

-lung cancer

-heart disease



-bad breath

-less chance to reproduce

-chronic bronchitis

-womb problems

-organ problems


-stained nails

-bowel problems

-kidney damage

-stomach ulcers

-throat cancer

-heart attacks


And many more problems!

Quit victoria

This website aims to inform people on the affects on smoking and provides services with dealing with it and learning how to quit.

What's REALLY in a cigarette!

-car fuel

-chemicals used in cleaning products


-rat poison

-nail polish remover

-toilet cleaner





-sewer gas

And that's not all that just to name a few. More than half of the disgusting additives in cigarettes will cause cancer.

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Smoking KILLS and will take over! WHAT is there to GAIN to from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!