Connor Hendricks, 4th hour

Basic information about a zookeeper

  • Take care of animals
  • Clean the animals habitats
  • Feed and clean the animals
  • May be used in scientific research
  • Report health problems with any of the animals
  • May be used for public education
  • Tour people around the zoo
  • May work the cash register
  • Work together with other zookeepers
  • Will take care of dangerous situations in the zoo

Pros and Cons

Pros are

  • I like the career/job
  • Working with animals
  • Getting close with animals

Cons are

  • You could be attacked
  • Cleaning habitats and the contents in side
  • Working with some animals that might be hard to control

What do I need to do in order to succeed in this career?

Well I will need to be good at my job so I don't have a risk of being fired, I need to be good at taking care of the animals and not getting close the big dangerous animals so I don't get hurt or get killed while doing what I like.

Colleges I wound need to attend to get this career