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Elginburg & District Public School ~ February 11th

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Bunnies by Mrs. Mills' Grade 2/3 Class

Dear Families,

Our school has been working with the City of Kingston, Kingston Police and the Limestone District School Board to improve student safety before and after school.

Last week, we had a few incidents where students got a hand wave from a passing car indicating that it was safe to cross the road when in fact there were oncoming cars coming in the other direction. There were a few terrifying moments but luckily the students were pulled to safety. Passing motorists mean well but are not always reliable!

Parking is an issue at our school. This year, things have been worse due to larger number of students being dropped off and picked up due to the pandemic. I encourage you to send your child on the bus, as it helps with traffic congestion. We have not had any COVID transmission on buses and are feeling confident that our buses are safe and well sanitized.

If you are picking up or dropping off students, please ensure you get out of the car to walk the children across the street. The Police are making their presence very visible to slow the regular traffic down to posted limits but we must be vigilant. Our school is on a very busy road and we can't rely on passers by to keep our children safe.

As a school, we are making sure the snow banks are not blocking the side of the road. We are also going to have a staff member park in front of the round about so parents are not tempted to stop there. You will see pylons on both sides of the parked car to remind us it is not a good place to pick up or drop off. When parked in front of the round about children have to walk between buses which is not safe. Our bus drivers have pleaded with us to keep that area blocked.

I know all of our families are concerned about student safety! Let's keep up the great work and keep our amazing children safe! A big thank you to the parents who have been vocal about their concerns, we will all keep pushing for a better solution!

Thank you,

Martha Duncan


Very Important Request for All Families

Please read the FAMILY INFORMATION SHEET with the blue letterhead below this article.

We have a delightful little boy, Eli, in grade 1 who is unfortunately fighting cancer. He is presently going through chemotherapy but is going to attend school for short visits when he is feeling up to it!

We can't wait to see him! It is important that you read the letter from the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario to help keep our little fighter healthy!

We know everyone extends their best wishes, love and support to this family as they go through this difficult time.

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Forest School

Several classes at Elginburg are participating in Forest School. They head out to the forest next to our school and learn about Math, Science and Nature.

What are they learning?

  • to enjoy nature
  • to find math and science in the natural world
  • resilience
  • that exercise is fun and makes you feel great
  • to unplug devices and be part of the world

The enthusiasm for Forest School is palpable! We plan to have all of our classes participating by the end of June!

Safe Arrivals in School Messenger

A reminder that Cheryl, our Office Administrator, needs to know who is away each morning and why they are away. Teachers are not able to put the reason for student absence in their attendance.

Please use the School Messenger App whenever your child is absent; even Bus Cancelation Days

Once in the app...

Click Attendance

Click the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner

Click your child's name

Click either Full Day or Multiple Day

Click the reason for the absence

Click SEND

Thank you!

One Million

Parents are often puzzled by some of the ways we "teach math these days"! And the staff understand why you feel that way!

One of the concepts that we try to teach, which us older folks didn't learn, is the actual concept of number, shape, measurement, volume and more. We don't want students to only regurgitate 26 plus 28 is 54, we want them to understand that they can figure it out by knowing...

25 plus 25 is 50

26 is 1 more than 25

28 is 3 more than 25

therefore, 25 plus 25 is 50 and 1 plus 3 is 4 so the answer must be 50 plus 4.


If students understand how to solve it they can solve more complicated questions with more success.

The picture shows Mrs. MacKinnon's class demonstrating what a million actually looks like! If a student can't visualize it we find advanced math doesn't mean anything to them. We want students to see the numbers in their head as they do more complex tasks.

Look At These Three!

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Friday We Have A Virtual Assembly

On Friday, our school will be meeting online for an Assembly. We will be celebrating Black History Month and Chinese New Year.

Mrs. Duncan will be sharing this video of the book, I AM ENOUGH, by Grace Byers! We'd love for you to watch the story along with us because we are all enough...

Grace Byers Reads "I Am Enough" | Bookmarks | Netflix Jr

Chinese New Year

This week, on our announcements, we have continued to learn about Chinese New Year.

Thank you Erin for telling us...

  • why red envelopes of money are given to children
  • why firecrackers were traditionally set off
  • and for telling us stories about the lunar festival's history
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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, February 17 - Report Cards Go Home

Wednesday, February 24 - PINK SHIRT DAY

Friday, February 26 - Shine BRIGHT Spirit Day!