Kata Tjuta National Park

where is it located

uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is located in the southwestern corner of Australia’s Northern Territory.It is close to the centre of Australia and is best accessed from the town of Alice Spring.Uluru is right in the centre of Uluru National Park, just east of Kata Tjuta.

Uluru is:

  • 348 metres high, 3.6 km long ,1.9 km wide ,9.4 km around the base and covers 3.33 km2
  • flora of uluru

    Uluru has 416 different plant species.

    The Aboriginal people have used the plant life of Central Australia for thousands of years to supplement their diet of native game as well as for medicines, weapons, clothing and shelter.

    Fuana of Uluru

    Even though uluru can have a harsh climate it is still home to many flora and fauna spicies including the thorny devil.

    The thorny devil looks frightening but the spines are harmless. they're diets include ants. It sits beside an ant trail and snaps up each ant that passes.The thorny devil ( also known as Ngiyari by the local aboriginals) can drink with its feet. It places them in a puddle and water and sips through its feet to the corner of its mouth.

    Another animal that calls uluru home is the dingo they are the largest land predator in Australia. the dingo is a hunter but also scavenges dead animals and even feeds on insects and plants. it cannot bark but their howls sometimes penetrate still desert nights.

    An animal hat doesnt have the best name in uluru is the blowfly it can be a annoying, spread disease and remind us of horrible sights and smells. They and their maggot young clean up dead animals and other rotting matter. Flies also provide food for many other animals. And some are even pretty.

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