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what does "media" mean? what does it mean to be a "media literate"?

The media is basically anything informational type out there.It is how everything nowadays stays on top of current events. It's essential for us to know what is happening all around us.This helps us see the world as it is not as how others want us to perceive it.The media is a way of communication either by the papers, the news on the radio , tv or by the largest media , the internet. The media can be a both positive and negative, because it's the place where everyone speaks their mind.Anyone that wants to can easily hide behind a keyboard or a pencil and comment on any topic they desire and talk about anyone they want. Now they can give positive feedback to anything and anyone but they can also give very harsh , cruel and rude feedbacks with hatred comments . therefore we have to be careful about what's written on the media because not everything that's there is true . What i think it means to be a media literate is someone who can interpret and analyze pretty much any type of situation. Maybe analyze deeply what is going on on tv , or analyze any given data or any other type of information. Being a media literate it's not just about memorizing information , statistics , data ,percentages or being “booksmart” it's about having intelligence,quick problem solving skils, thinking and having prior knowledge on any topic .This of course takes a lot of time, one has to be constantly reading and analyzing things .

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What can I do?

It is really hard to change someone's mind about their eating habits even when specialists have done so much research . There majority of unhealthy people know this facts and still choose to excessively continue to consume unhealthy. I believe if we want to change something about others we first have to change ourselves and set the example. That's why for my “what can i do ?” method i have decided to continue my processed meat free diet . i have been researching for a while and more than half a year ago i decided i would stop consuming any processed meat. i only eat fish and eggs but i try to buy organic ones. So far two of my best friends have decreased their consumption and my mother no longer buys meat excessively. It was very hard for me specially because all my friends including my boyfriend love meat and they eat it every time but i know i have good reasons and therefore i haven't quit . I know if keep on believing that i can change at least a few it's better than not doing anything at all. Trying to raise awareness is the most tiring thing to do because you will hear so many disappointing statements and will make you lose your mind so my plan is to keep calm and #freethebacon.

No more meat

no more processed meat in our diets!!

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SuperBowl commercial

In one of the commercials from 2016 super bowl night , the were announcing a new car by the Honda company which suggests that this new and improved vehicle can prevent accidents. The creator of this commercial chose to have a car and the driver and passenger getting distracted by their surroundings. The creator decided to use this creativity in order to persuade drivers to get this vehicle in order to be safer even when they are not paying attention to the road. This commercial targeted those drivers who want to prevent accidents even when they are distracted , such as the example presented by the commercial which had a rather funny flirtatious tone to it.

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How does gender in advertising affect society?

We want to think like times are changing and women are now regarded as smart and powerful. Women.Commercials often portray man as the weak sex , making fun of their actions. I don't think commercial should should show certain genders as more powerful in society because we are not solving any issues we are just switching roles. I think society gets the wrong impression and jump to conclusions about this commercials that try to be funny and criticate men a little bit .Even though men are not that sensitive and don't get easily offended by the ridiculousness of men actors in commercials, i don't think it's appropriate to pick on them to the point where is in every single commercial. Women would not like to watch commercials where women are portrayed as dumb . Because it's obvious that tv commercials influent a lot on society's point of view . So i don't think gender commercials in advertising is a highly acceptable and positive thing to do.

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Commercial have a certain time limit, therefore they have to get to their point very quickly. Advertising has to be interesting to catch people's attention and this can be very challenging because of the time. Different creators focus on different factors, some are based on the funny aspects others in statistics , They all have something in common , they are trying to persuade people to buy their products .Now there are the different types, the ones that instead of going straight to their point, they take your attention and make it like a suspense . They manipulate your focus and indirectly persuade you to buy their product. For example there was a commercial once that kept on showing the players shoes throughout the commercial but in the end it was a gatorade commercial which was funny and unexpected at the same time. There are a lot more commercials out there than we are aware that use this different tactics. the creators want to create something more productive.therefore they make you think their purpose is one thing when in reality their goal is something else , but in the

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Should apple fix it?

I personally don’t think apple(iPhone) should be making a really big deal out of this issue. if there are so many hackers out there, then why not hack just one phone for this one time online to allow the government to find whatever information is hidden behind this iPhone and then apple should be able to completely delete any knowledge of hacking an iPhone like in this case. Apple is probably making a big deal about this and making it public in order to get more famous and maybe doesn't really care for the privacy of customers. But yet apple decides to defend themselves with the statement “we are doing this for the privacy of our customers” maybe apple and the fbi can come to an agreement and find a way to unlock an iphone just this once and then sing contracts to never use it on other individuals just for curiosity.

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agree or disagree

For an idea to exist , we must have words to express it .

In the beginning of the semester we read an article that described the true meaning of thinking. the author mentioned how nowadays we misuse the word “think” , he believed that thinking wasn't remembering something that had already taken place it is rather having new ideas , or thoughts and being able to put them in words to let the public meet this new invention. Therefore in reference to his article , i agree with this statement. Something new can not be presented unless it is well thought first and then shown to the public for their intake because it doesn't really matter if the creator believes it's the best idea ever, what matters is how society will judge the creation.If we have the words to say what goes through our minds then an idea can exist and extend, but if we keep it to ourselves then it will never leave our minds even if it's the best idea in the world . Maybe it is a really crazy and different idea , maybe we are afraid to show it because we believe people will call us out on how ludicrous something sounds and we are afraid to be judge badly , we set ourselves for failures even before we even take action. We ignore or ideas and the capacity of success they can possible have because we don't want to express ourselves , but if we don't then how can some=one know what we think and the ideas we have , we have to express ourselves no matter how crazy an idea sounds If there is a thought in someone's mind , my advice is to speak up and let the world hear them because we never know how far a new idea can go .

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Watch out for who you vote

I don't think a lot of people checkthe legitimacy of their candidate's statements. when you start being a fanatic of a candidate, you just want them to in and honestlyi don't think everyone who votes for a certain president candidate necessarily believes and agrees with every single thing their selected candidates say. But in the end it iswho yoyu support the most, therefore you just go with it anyways. Other candidates say stuff that they don't truly mean just so they can get more people to vote for them and just because they say something , it doesn't mean the really mean it. i believe that those who are eligible to vote should follow every candidate's party contrast their pros and cons and see who is full of false promises and who is actually keeping their promises .with this you can feel more confident when voting for who you want to be able too have the reins of the whole country. We all have to choose wisely otherwise we are going to end up worse than we would be without a president. For example Bernie Sanders plan for free collage seems quite tempting and a lot of young voters want this t become true but what they don't know Is that the money that will pay for college comes fro, everyone's taxes and when they get out they will have to pay higher taxes for the rest of their lives in order for the next generations to attend college for free as well. Trump is another candidate that has ideal plans to stop immigration but the truth is he has nothing to back his plan up his statements are ludicrous and he has no platform where he can start his plan . therefore we cat focus on the statement the make or how the media portrays them.

smore 9 ............................................ Rebellion at its finnest ..................................In 1952 Carlos Prio became president of Cuba. After his arrival as president he cancelled all elections following so that he could remain as president for life or make home self president for life. An anger you for Fidel Castro didn’t could not stand for a president that would be unfit to run the country of Cuba so he sought out to gain rule over the small island country. For over years Castro tried and tried to overthrow the ruler of Cuba, but failed probably due to the lack of resources and men to fight against an established government. In 1953 Castro led an invasion on a barracks, but was arrested and sent to jail for three years but his original sentence was for fifteen years. This probably happened since president Bautista wanted to show the people of Cuba that he was such a horrible person. Castro kept trying to gain power through attacks using gorilla warfare and would even ask the Mexican people to help him liberate his country from a tyrant and restore peace and hope into the Cuban people. Castro ran Bautista out of presidency and Castro became the new leader of the Country of Cuba. With his entrance into the presidency Castro declared himself president for life. Castro established a communist dictatorship and with this became a threat to the US. Cuba now becoming communist, this poses a threat to the peace of the American people since the Soviet Union held an alliance with Cuba. With the tensions of the cold war rising having Cuba neighboring the US it became clear that both the Soviet Union address Cuba where both a huge threat. After listening into some radio transmissions and looking at some satellite images, the US will find out that the Soviet Union would be sending nuclear war heads into Cuba, intensifying the relations between the US and Soviet Union. We see faint attempt in our society today with small groups of people rebelling against an unfair and unjust government. An example that can be seen is in Syria, where the citizens are arming themselves to ask for the resignation of the president Bashar al-Assad. With people seeing that determination, and great leadership skills one can overthrow an unjust government. People with strong believes and living in poverty can push a wave of people through the font gates of any presidency, to accomplish the goal of living a simpler life

smore 10....................damn government back at it again..............................In the book 1984 Winston dreamt to one day overthrow the government, best known as “Big Brother” or “BB”. Winston thought that his little actions which were prohibited by the party were his form of rebellion. For example in the book Winston had fantasized about a girl, in his dreams the girl would strip her clothes of in such a manner that it seemed like she was doing in rebellion against “Big Brother”. Snowden believed that what the NSA was doing could not be right. Spying on millions of Americans without their consent was not acceptable.It wasnt right to ignore the peoples right to privacy.Therefor he got some documents and then left the country so he wouldnt be charged .while he was looking for a new country t stay , he met a journalist andtold what was happening with his governement back in the united states .So what these two have in common is that they both wanted a better life for their pople , protection instead of intrusion from their government.They both believe that the way of destroying the governement was making their society fully aware of the situation , open theireyes, stop them from fearing the government .

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in 1984, you could relate to only cameras, but the technology used in the novel is more than that. they used me to get a look at manager "Big Brother" both the United States and the United kingdom use it with to help protect the community, but also to see what the people are doing. In the book 1984, their T.V.s have cameras built in, we are almost at that stage, some tvs may have cameras but those are the "Smart TV" like Samsung and Sony. Already the government can tap into your computers web cam and can see whats going on without you even knowing, so what’s stopping them from doing that through your Smart TV. Maybe technology was sent from heaven but not for our benefit .

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People think happiness is having control of everything , its the state where nothing can go wrong because you know you are the one who holds your own freedom but what happen when you find out that there is more to it. your are not your own manger . and also with control comes responsibility and with that comes chaos, fear and stress , and in the end is the same messy life.So one thing people do is rely on an authority figure to protect from others, but to do that one will have to lose some of their freedom. Happiness can also be found in ignorance and that isnot knowing what’s going on around you, and you let a government, authority figure control your everyday life without knowledge. These people are possibly the happiest since they just follow blindly into whatever fate they are put in and don’t have to think for themselves.

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Gaslighting is a form of mental manipulation that someone with power or , just influence over others, and can make it so that people under their power will begin to question their sanity. This may be done by using logic that would go against that person’s belief. Let’s say someone believes that the United States is spending way too much on the military but a politician can say “well if we are then why is it that we are respected, and the one that many countries depend on when it comes to fighting militants, or having their back when another country threatens their security.” This begins to sit in peoples mind as like, would they want to be safe from any threat or have more money for the government to spend elsewhere and have a weak defense. This can also have a negative effect on society since wealthy, and powerful people can us Gaslighting so that whatever they need will work in their favor, but that’s if the people let them. To fight this, people need to become informed in the topic, the person in power is speaking about. We should not blindly follow in the words of any person they think can make a change, we should instead research and decide whether it’s a good choice to follow his/her beliefs, and to make sure that they will benefit the masses as well.

smore 14 part 1

The video is right we do so many things to try to hide the facts that we like technology too much. we use it for reasons tat have no sense .social media was first developed to ensure we had communication with those who we couldn't be closed to. now this has definitely changed now days we check our Facebook while e are at family reunions, when we are out on dates . I has become easy to get lost in our technology work we forget we have a reality with people around that wants to connect to us and talk to us and share things with us . I feel like in order for technology to not take over our actual social life , there should be a technology-free time, where we get to spend time with friends family , neighbors , coworkers ,etc. We should be able to "disconnect" and really connect. So if you ever find yourself checking someone's Facebook page and ignoring a friend that's physically next to you , then imply put the phone down and carry a kind conversation with your friend . We should always find a way to control this because its something our ancestors lived without for millions and millions of years. We might think Wi-Fi is a necessity in order to survive but the truth is Wi-Fi isn't a thing we cannot live with it. it will be annoying but it wont kill anyone. I think people make technology seem like a thing we cant live without , it sure isn't that big of a deal. Maybe we should try been more social with our friends and talking more to them physically instead of via technology. it sounds fun to be able to talk to thousands of people but it is even better hen you get to hang out with people in reality . stop living in technology and enjoy the people in your surroundings.

smore 14 part 2

Thinking about it one semester isn't that long, I mean its half of a year, so its a 1/34th of my lifetime, therefore it shouldn't change the way I see things. My perspective should be the same , or at least I thought so . From reading my \very first smore I can see that I no longer trust the news out there anything people say i always second guess . in the beginning I was doubtful of what sites to believe, and now i don't rely in any type of the news instead i like to do my own personal research. It has made me realize that in the beginning I thought it was research over the surface and now I realize that in order to get the profound meaning of something long researches have to be done. ne thing this class has helped me with is knowing the difference between deep meaning and surface search .In class we've had meaningful discussions during seminar that have made me realize there's always a different view and all perspectives of different topics have to be made before coming to conclusions. I used to be so blind I wouldn't pay any attention to small details that are very significant when making any type of research. thanks to this class I can differentiate between accurate facts an technology based opinions .This class is different because the teacher never tried us to teach us irrelevant stuff instead she gave us daily information about the current events. I liked this class because I liked the thoughtful process of every project we did instead of other classes where they give strict instructions without letting anyone's imagination and personal opinion to be heard. The only thing I disliked was that there were so many smore so much writing.