Human Centered Story Telling

DSIL VC Session 19 | TUESDAY | 1 December @ 11am Bangkok

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Samuel Díaz Fernández Littauer, Co-Founder, Studio DíLITT, DSIL Track X Creative Media Lab Field Lead

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Session Overview

In our day-and-age it is easy to understand how almost anyone can claim to be a storyteller. Someone with the power to craft both meaning and memory through digital media. In this session, we will discuss why the process through which we create and design media is as important to change-making processes as the end results, particularly when working with young people. If crafting a narrative is what we pay most attention to, then what we most often forget is how the storytellers' self-understanding and agency shifts and evolves as a result of the process of creating media. And if we all have the potential to be storytellers and media-producers—especially as we try to diminish the global gap of digital literacy—the implications loom large.

By looking at a simple case study of young people "making media for peace" in the balkans, we will discuss the collaborative (i.e. social) nature of media-making and how this process redesigns the world around us. In other words, it changes us whether we like it our not. Understanding how media creation works, what it can do, and how it works us over is essential as we use it to create sustainable and positive transformation in our communities.

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Speaker Profile

Samuel Díaz Fernández Littauer, Co-Founder, Studio DíLITT, DSIL Track X Creative Media Lab Field Lead

Samuel is the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator at the World Alliance of YMCA‘s in Geneva. He is a documentary filmmaker, thinker, activist.

Samuel acquired his degree in philosophy from Wheaton College and Princeton Seminary. As a result he spent way too much of his academic career day-dreaming in the textures of continental philosophy, aesthetics, and neuropsychology. After graduating, Samuel traveled for 3 years across the US as he finished “New Spirits“– the award-winning feature-length documentary he co-directed with Andrew Freer in 2010. During that time he continued working on music videos, experimental art video, and editing projects.

For Samuel, documentary film is a way of being rooted — a being-there when one cannot be — if only for a little while. However, it is at the same time a way of making the familiar feel strange again — a necessary task. He continues to believe in the power of the visual arts in an age of magical thinking.

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