Jacksonian American Indian Policy

The Trail of Tears

Who did the Policies Effect?

The Jacksonian American Indian Polocies effected any ____________ ___________ in the southeast region of the United States. The American Indians that were effected were the Sac, Fox, ___________, Creek, ____________, Choctaw, Shawnee, and Apalachee.

What did the Policies do?

These polocies _____________ any American Indian from the southeast region of the United States. It also caused battles between Americans and American Indians for more than _____ years until finally the Americans won and had the American Indians removed from the eastern region of the _______________ River.

"As long as the grass grows, and the water flows..., the land shall be yours forever." -Andrew Jackson

Why were these Policies Created?

These policies were created to generate more ____________ for the government as well as making it into lands where __________ settlers could move to and make it into farm lands. Also it created more jobs such as land __________________ to sell the land to new settlers.

Where did this event happen?

This event happened in the _______________ and the eastern region of the Mississippi River. The American Indians were forced to walk The________________to and Indian Reservation in what is now Oklahoma.