The west

By Cole Smothers

Wear it is The West located?

The West is located by the north pacific ocean

What states are in the west

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho,Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon,Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

What is the west's climate?

The west's climate is: really dry in the west over the first half of the year

5 facts about the west

1. All of its states are partly mountainous. 2. In much of the West the population is sparse. 3. To the west of the peaks, winds from the Pacific Ocean carry enough moisture to keep the land well-watered. To the east, however, the land is very dry. Parts of western Washington State, for example, receive 20 times the amount of rain that falls on the eastern side of the state's Cascade Range. 4. The federal government owns and manages millions of hectares of undeveloped land. Americans use these areas for recreational and commercial activities, such as fishing, camping, hiking, boating, grazing, lumbering, and mining. 5. Alaska, the northernmost state in the west it is full of great stretches of wilderness

Why I think the west is better than the other regions.

The west is by the coast and has a island so there is a lot of beaches and Hollywood CA. with the movie stars. Also it has a lot of Monuments like: Bandelier National Monument New Mexico, Admiralty Island National Monument Alaska, Canyon de Chelly National Monument Arizona, Craters of the Moon National Monument Idaho, Mount St. Helens National Monument Washington. You can't forget Las Vegas with all of it's bright lights.
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