Transition Plus

Working toward more equitable outcomes.

Break Room

A student was sen coming out of the staff lunchroom on 2nd floor twice! The first time, he left very quickly and the staff member wasn’t able to ask him how he got in the lunchroom. There was no-one else in there. She discovered that the door was unlocked.

The second time he again disappeared before she could talk with him.

Please make sure the staff break room is always locked.

Holiday Time

ESP staff- Please be sure to put in your time for Labor Day. You enter it in ESS as 6 hrs Holiday Pay.

Work Based Learning News

Newspapers – Team 1 needs your newspapers! Please bring them in to the production room on the “A side” or to MaryAnn

Shredding – Students from Team 1 will be coming around the building to collect confidential papers for shredding

Cans – Team 1 is still collecting cans for recycling, place them in the cage on Chicago side of building

SCAN LAB needs photos, negatives or slides to scan. We ask for a suggested donation of 5 cents per scan. Images are burned onto a CD/DVD or your personal jump drive, depending on size of job.

We can take work from outside the building, family members, neighbors, any one you know who may want to preserve precious memories. Click Here for the Order Form

Curriculum Supoport

Patricia is available to assist you in the curriculum library between 7:30-9:00 am on most Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and CBI Fridays.

You can call her at 45018 or radio her, and she will meet you in the C118.

You could also set up an appointment via email if you prefer. Patricia can help you to find materials, and we now have the capacity to officially "check out" and "check in" materials.

In addition, look for a short training in the near future for how to search the Tplus collection from your classroom computer or laptop! This training can also be provided on a 1:1 basis anytime during the hours mentioned above.

Staffing Updates

Icxiuh has decided to leave T Plus- we will continue to look for a candidate to fill this

The Clerical interviews will be scheduled this week.

AE interviews will be scheduled after posting is closed.

SEAs- We are still trying to fill a couple of positions

- Please Welcome This Week-

---Elliott in Annie's room

---JJ as part of engagement/ front desk

---Warren in Liz's room

---Adam in Mandie's room


On Tuesdays we encourage all staff (and students) to dress professionally. Wearing a tie or scarf. Dressing for success models for our students what the expectation is in some workplaces.

It would be great to talk about this during advisory.