Gender Equality

Brittany Wallace

What is Gender Equality

Gender equality is the promotion of equal treatment between men and women. inequality is mainly in 3 places law, social structure, and economics.


During World War II women enter the workplace introducing economic equality.The first wave of feminism was equal rights in 1848 and the purpose was to be able to vote. They achieved this in 1920 due to the 19th amendment. The second wave of feminism has to do with reproductive rights..In 1966 the supreme court took down a law that kept married women from gaininig accesss to birth control. In 1973 the law expanded and allowed abortion in the 2nd trimester.

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The civil rights movement started in the 1940 and grew in the 1960s it was an important decade for the change on America's society.One major landmark of the movement was the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which made it illegal to discriminate based on race, religion, gender or national origin.

Title IX is a piece of United States federal legislation designed to promote gender equality in federally funded educational programs. This was enforced in 1975.NOW is an organization called National Organization for Women. They helped raise awareness that it is important for our government to be more inclusive to women.


One main thing that needs to be equal is the pay gap women still make 81 cents to every 1 dollar a man makes. Women working full time earn a median monthly salary of $2,665 compared to the $3,289 earned by men. That's a difference of $624 a month or $7,488 a year. We all have an unconscious bias. This effects the way we see our roles in society. Out of 109 countries 3 don’t have legal guarantee of paid maternity leave. The United states is one of those 3.