"I am"

By: Brittany HInes

About me...

My name is Brittany and i'm a sophomore. My favorite hobbies include practicing for guard being with family and friends and being with my team. My favorite song is "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift not necessarily because I like her but because it's a good guard song and I like to listen to music that I could preform too. The sports/clubs that i'm involved in is color guard & winter guard but right now is currently WinterGuard season. Over the summer I mainly hung out with family and friend as well as my team at marching band practice, I spent a lot of time out doors. My favorite quote is "When someone tries to tear you down show them you can get right back up, because like steel you may bend but you won't break" this is my favorite quote because many people don't believe in themselves and always bring themselves down instead of staying positive and believing and knowing your stronger than that. I have only one dog and his name is Roscoe and he is 2 years old. One place I wanna visit sometime in my life is Africa.