Rick Hansen

By: Nazahah Iqbal

Who is Rick Hansen?

Rick Hansen was born August 27, 1957 in Port Alberni and was raised in Fort, St. John. He has always been passionate about fishing and sports. One day, Rick and his friend were riding their bikes until a truck hit Rick causing Rick to have a spinal cord injury meaning he would never be able to walk again. After the accident Rick Hansen realized how the world showed pity to people with disabilities. However, after seven months of rehabilitation Rick Hansen wanted to encourage the youth that disabilities does not mean you are not capable of achieving your dreams.

What was Rick Hansen Involved in That Made Him a Leader?

After the incident Rick Hansen devoted his life to form a world where there are no obstacles for people with disabilities thus creating a foundation called The Man In Motion World Tour. Rick Hansen and his team went to 36 countries in the span of 2 years building awareness around the world and raising $26 million for developing a cure for spinal cord injuries.

What Actions did Rick Hansen Take to Show Leadership?

As mentioned before, Rick Hansen created a foundation called The Man in Motion World Tour. While being on the tour Rick Hansen had about 30,000 strokes a day, shoulder injuries, and wrist injuries but this did not stop Rick Hansen from achieving his goal. Not only did he attend schools and hospitals, he talked to the media, and told many speeches in order to bring awareness about disabilities. However, this was not the only action Rick Hansen took, he created a Rick Hansen school program. He believed that this would raise disability awareness and help people understand that being disabled is not a weakness.
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Leadership Traits Used by Rick Hansen

"Lead from the front - but don't leave your base behind"

Rick Hansen formed a team for the Man In Motion World Tour, and this team consisted of people who he was able to trust, and who trusted him as a leader. He also said himself, "I had an amazing team. They challenged, encouraged and supported me and asked nothing in return. I feel incredibly privileged to have had them with me. Without them, the dream would have been absolutely impossible." This proves that Rick Hansen was a great leader as the team asked nothing in return and they left on their journey together for 2 years and returned with the same team members a long with a accomplishment and life memorable experience together.

"Courage is not the absence of fear — it's inspiring others to move beyond it"

After Rick Hansen's accident he was able to view the world as a disabled person and realized how unfair it is for them. He did not believe that disabled people were people in need it was the complete opposite. He believed that any disabled human being is equivalent to any well functioning person. With this thought in mind, and with the help of his friends, family, and spouse he was able to have the courage to start a campaign and raise awareness and help young people with and without disabilities to understand that anything is possible. He inspired many people to come forth and disregard all the stereotypes about disabled people and prove them wrong.

"Nothing is black or white"

Rick Hansen was able to portray this quote since he was once a boy with two working legs, he was able to move around freely until his accident. Just because he lost use of his legs did not mean that he was not able to move freely any more. It was just a different form of moving. Rick Hansen was able to see that people with disabilities are not helpless and people without disabilities are not privileged. In other words, everyone has multiple choices to choose from there is never a limit, just as Nelson Mandela said, "Nothing is black or white."

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