Mothers Day

By Brianna Baker

Good Cooker

I really love how you cook. Whenever you ask me or my brother to help you cook I am always the first one to ask if I can help you make whatever you are making. That is the first reason that I love you. [There are other reasons that I love you but that is none that I really like about you. Thank you for being a great cook!

Good Reader

One the other reasons that I love you for who you are is that you are a great reader to me and to my brother. I like the books that you choose for us. You help us to go to bed and have a good nights rest. It also helps to us to have nice sweet dreams and we can sleep the night away. Thank you for being a great reader!

Nice To be Around

You are really nice to be around because you can help us to have a nice day and we can always rely on you to help us in our troubles. In like it when you hug me and you say goodbye when you leave us in the morning to go wherever you are going to go the day ahead. Thank you for being a good Mother!