By Eliza Flanigan, Ella Ogier and Taylah Linsday

What bulling is

Bulling is a repeated action. It is otherwise physical, verbal, psychological or social aggression. Bullying is harm towards another individual by a more powerful person. It is meant to cause harm and distressed feelings to the victom.

The effects of being bullied

The effects of being bullied could the victim to do harm to there self harm. Also bullying affects their education because if they're being bullied they don't concentrate in class which can make the victim become bad with their schoolwork. It can also lead to the worse thing possible they kill themselves.


How to help

There are many types of things that you can do to help if you know someone who is getting bullied. You can tell and adult or Teacher. You can also tell the bully to stop it and say to the victim something supportive or do something supportive to the victim so they would feel better

Stop Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-Bullying is bad and you should not do it. Cyber-Bullying makes people feel sad and alone. It is a horrible thing and you should reframe from it. This is easy. If you see something don't like it or do any thing just ignore it or delete it. It is that simple :)


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