ma storyyy :D

not sure what the title is heheheheh

Actually :P 'The memories and the doll'

Looking at it now sitting on my big, ugly wooden desk that dad had attempted to put together about two months ago when we moved in, it looks a lot like her. I never wanted to move in this awfully big old house. I always felt creped out by the long corridors, big rooms, and chandeliers that were filled with cobwebs. In fact, in every direction you turn, you could see the thick nets hanging from the walls. It didn’t help that the house was located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by tall, lonely trees that would have been there for at least 100 years. I guess dad has always loved the spooky feeling as he always use to force Mum and I to watch scary movies with him while we still lived near civilization. That was before she passed away 6 years ago trying to save a little girl in the burning house 4 blocks down from ours. Now we were stuck 2 hours away from the nearest Wallmart store.

The girl was the same age as me at the time, only 8 years old. Mum, being the only person brave enough to go in to save the little girl, ran into the big burning flames that the house was covered in but unfortunately, neither were able to come out alive. I have always admired mums bravery and wished I had the same quality. I’m easily scared and always self-cautious. “Leana, don’t be scared. Be brave, have courage,” my mum always told me when I use to get scared sleeping alone at night. I will always remember those words and often hear her soft voice in my head, “be brave, have courage”.

Now back to the thing that looked like her, looked like mum. Dad found her in one of the unused rooms upstairs. She had long brown hair that hadn’t been brushed, just like how mums hair looked when she got up in the morning. Dad told me to keep it safe. He was acting strange every since we moved here, and seemed obsessed with this house and everything inside. I wasn’t sure why though, it was very unusual for him to be obsessed with things. He seemed attached, and always got mad when I said something I didn’t like about the house. But this doll, it seemed special, and I was curious of why dad gave it to me if it was that special to him. It’s just an old, ragged doll.

Now I was sitting on my bed, looking at it. It was getting late and the nights sky was getting darker with ever second that went by. I heard dad cooking in the kitchen as the radio was playing loudly. All of a sudden, the lights went off and dad yelled out to me. He told me to stay in my room because he was going to get someone to help with the lights. I heard him driving away in the jeep and all I could see was the moons light shining threw the window. I was all by myself now and was facing the desk when I noticed something spooky. The moonlight was shining on the doll, and only the doll. As I walked around the room I felt this presence around me. I felt like someone was in there with me, watching my every move. ‘Bang!’ I heard a loud noise that came from the cupboards. The presence was still around, and I was getting extremely scared. There it was again, mums voice, “be brave, have courage”. Could it have been her? I waked to the cupboards and flung the doors wide open. There was nothing inside but a small picture. I picked it up and looked at it. There was a small girl sitting on the bed holding the doll, which seemed to be in the exact room I was standing in. I flipped it over and saw an imprint on the frame, which read Roslyn Walters. ‘Mum!’ I though, that was her sitting on my bed in my room. Than it clicked. Dad loves this house because it was mums childhood house. That’s why we moved here, to be closer to mum. The windows flung open and strong winds flew into the room. As i faced the windows, I noticed something weird. The doll was gone. I got extremely scared and ran out of my room when it suddenly felt unbearably hot. Dad was back and I heard him cry for help. He was in the kitchen, along with big hot flames and clouds of smoke. The kitchen was on fire. Flashbacks from the burning house with mum filled my eyes and I was panicking. I got a hot flush and it felt like the red liquid in my body was lava instead of blood. Be brave, have courage. I ran into the burning room and saw dad lying on the ground, coughing.

I managed to pull him out of there and within a couple of minutes, the fire ambulance arrived and helped put out the fire. “Brave girl you are, saving your father,” said one of the firemen as the men put dad in the ambulance. I jumped in and sat next to dad. “Its mums house isn’t it dad, that’s why you are so attached to it,” I said to him. His hurt, smoked covered eyes glanced at me and he could barely speak. “I just wanted to be with her Leana, I’m sorry. I know I should let go of it, but I just miss her too much.” I felt a tear run down my face, and I could feel his pain as I felt the same way. I looked over to the house once more and knew that everything was gone. The house and everything inside had been burnt to pieces. We were just about to leave when a fireman started banging on the door. “ Here kiddo, we managed to save one thing.” His hand reached out to me and he handed me something. There it was, the only thing that had been saved. Its eyes were open and she smiled at me. Dad smiled, “it was your mothers”. I didn’t like it though, even if it made me fell connected to mum. It reminded me of her, and the bad memories of that burning house. I knew how she felt now, but it gave me a disturbing feeling. There I was, sitting in an ambulance next to my hurt father, holding her in my hands. The doll… mums doll.