Camping Safety

By:Mallory Ruechel

I am going to tell you a little about camping. Camping is one of those thing if you stick to the safety rule it is a lot more enjoyable. I choose to do camping because I love going camping.


Fire can be so much, roasting smores, and roasting food over it. It can also be very bad if you leave it untended. It may cause forest fire or start to burn the grass around it. If grass starts on fire it make lead to you cabin and when you are sleeping it can burn the house down. It is best to state a fire were it is open and always attended.


It is good to bring insects spray so you don't get bitten up. Insects can carry diseases which when the bit they may give you the disease. Some insects you want to watch our for are, mosquito, spiders, and flees. If you get bitten it is best to go to the doctor.


When you are camping and around water it is always fun but some times there is not lifeguard. It can be very dangerous if you are out in the water all by yourself. Yeah you may know how to swim but sometimes the current takes you and you go under. You may also get very tired and can not keep swimming. When you are swimming it is imports to have another person there with you. Just to be safe.

If this kids parents would not of been there this kid would of drowned.

Kid is drowning in the sea