Blue Haze Bulletin

Weekly Staff Newsletter 2/1 - 2/5

Growing Learners!

As you all know, I have high expectations for our students. I fully believe that our students are capable of amazing things! Every one of our students here at Blue Haze are capable of exceeding our expectations. We must simply provide the best environment for them to do so. I do not interpret each grade level's "EOY" expectations as a ceiling for learning. My expectation for our students is that they are challenged to reach their full potential by every single teacher, every day. We must provide engaging, relevant and rigorous instruction so the students can learn to problem solve and think for themselves.

"If you raise the bar for children, they not only reach it, the far surpass it."

-Cathy Alexander

Think about a plant. A gardener does not make the plant grow, does it? The job of a gardener is to create optimal conditions for which the plant can grow. The best gardeners provide the best conditions for growth. The same goes for education. We can not simply force a student to learn information, can we? We must provide the optimal conditions and environment to support learning. The better the conditions and environment, the more the students will learn. What type of environment are you providing your students? Is your classroom open and inviting? Are you positive? Do you smile? Is your instruction rigorous...does it challenge the student? Do your lessons require GRIT? Are the students engaged because your lessons and their tasks are relevant and relatable to their interests?

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Personal Learning Network

Learning and growing is just a part of my own professional development, and it always will be. I'm constantly reading and researching to stay abreast of anything and everything that is going on in education. I network and collaborate with other educators to seek out successful and innovative ideas, and I encourage everyone to do so. However, networking and learning through others is no longer limited to face-to-face interactions with colleagues within your school or district. In today's society, educators are utilizing social media and the web to grow their "PLN" or Personal Learning Network. Networking with educators around the country and world exposes you to so much more than what's in your own school or district!

Something that has helped me tremendously as far as learning through others, finding ideas, and collaborating with educators and leaders around the world, is Twitter! This small app has opened a world of research, ideas, books and articles for me over the last couple of years, and I've connected with so many successful people in education through this simple platform. If you are on Twitter but not sure how to use it, don't fear! This simple graphic below breaks it down for you. I do much more scrolling and opening up articles, videos or photos on Twitter than posting--something I need to work on!

If you are not currently using Twitter for your own professional networking and learning, I challenge you all to begin tomorrow! Follow 10 people tomorrow and pop on Twitter a couple of times a day. It's a free, amazing, learning platform you have on your phone or iPad. Of course I encourage you all to show off the great learning happening in our classrooms, but Twitter is also an amazing way to learn from others around the world!

Twitter Beginner's Guide for Educators:

Some of my favorites that I follow:












Don't know who to follow? Choose a few from this list below!
Top Elementary Teachers on Twitter

  1. @mattBgomez (16,100 followers) Kindergarten teacher since 2001, @edcampDallasfounder, #kinderchat moderator, profession photographer (@FocusedOnFun) and Texas Aggie. Plano, Tx
  2. @CYarzy (3,016 followers) Life long learner, edtech, Philly fan, edcamp Harrisburg Organizer, Creator #1stchat, APD  San Diego, CA
  3. @valruckes (1,700 followers) Encouraging fellow educators to strive for excellence in teaching, and using technology to engage learners. Teaching at a k-5 school. Co-host of#1stchat. Rochester, Michigan ·
  4. @lekadegroot (1,225 followers) First grade teacher, mom & wife. Love technology integration, collaboration, inquiry circles. #1stchat co-host.
  5. @MrsMorgansClass (3,187 followers) 2nd grade teacher using tech to differentiate instruction, challenge my students & connect! #ISTE14 presenter #2ndchat moderator#globalclassroom lead teacher. Fort Worth, Texas. mrsmorgansstars.edublogs.orgEducator of the Week
  6. @frugalteacher (1,689 followers) #2ndchat moderator, #globalclassroom lead teacher, #ISTE14 and @TCEA presenter aka @mrsmorgansclass@sycsuperstarsPinterest North Central
  7. @JenDragotta (600 followers) 3rd grade teacher with a passion for helping children succeed. #3rdchat Mod, avid reader, ukulele, surf, Nerd! Live long and prosper!
  8. @jmplus2 (1,300 followers) 5th grade teacher, wife, mom of 2, runner, learner/teacher for over 17 years ages preK-6th. Creator of #4thchat and excited to loop to 5th grade! Colorado
  9. @plnaugle (11,800 followers) 4th Grade Teacher, #4thchat Moderator, DEN Star, SimpleK12 Ambassador, EdcampNOLA organizer, tech integration spec., innovative educator, 30+ yrs of experience. New Orleans, LA. #1 Guest Blog for 2013 – 2014 School year: Should You Be Using Exit Slips in the Classroom?
  10. @ncarroll24 (2,770 followers) A wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, colleague & 4th Gr. teacher. Co-Moderator of #4thchat. Looking to learn about and share resources for school. Massachusetts
  11. @JennRegruth (1,462 followers) @MrsRegruth4th, 4th gr teacher, #4thchatcomoderator, tech fan,wife,mom,photographer, @classroomchamps team. Seymour, IN ·
  12. @FlyontheCWall (5,644 followers) Grade 5 teacher. Learning & sharing with others. Supporting & creating partnerships. Organizer & moderator of #5thchat. Come & be a fly on my classroom wall! Toronto, Ontario, Canada ·
  13. @BrightTeacher (1,315 followers) I’m a simple gal, who has a great husband, and 2 great kids. At school I spread MATH LOVE Pre K – 5th. Co-moderator of #5thchat. San Antonio, Texas ·
  14. @lizfrerich (123,000 followers) I am a wife, mother, veteran elementary school teacher, avid reader, and enjoy crocheting. Interested in internet marketing and social media. Minnesota (USA)
  15. @shannonmmiller (33,900 followers) K-12 District Teacher Librarian. 2014 LJ Mover & Shaker. Consultant. Presenter. Blogger. Connected Educator. Faces of Innovation.#TLChat News #IAedchat CoHost. Van Meter, Iowa
  16. @donalynbooks (25,400 followers) reader, teacher, author of The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild, #nerdybookclub and #bookaday facilitator, #titletalk & #bprootsco-host. Bedford, Texas
  17. @mbteach (23,700 followers) K-8 Technology Teacher and Technology Integration Specialist in Philadelphia. Edcamp Foundation Board member & organizer.
  18. @stumpteacher (19,400 followers) Father, husband, 6th grade SS/LA teacher, tech enthusiast, 2012 IL teacher of the year and aspiring Jedi. suburban chicago ·
  19. @kjarrett (19,100 followers) Father, husband, Google Certified K-4 Tech/STEM teacher. Edcamp Co-Founder/Organizer, lifelong learner interested in Minecraft, Photography (and Cheeseburgers!) Northfield, NJ USA
  20. @pernilleripp (16,200 followers) Living a fantastic life being a 5th gr. teacher, mother to 3 fantastic monsters and soul mate to an incredible man. Creator of the Global Read Aloud. Madison, WI ·
  21. @TechNinjaTodd (15,200 followers) @TCEA Teacher of the Year, White House Champion of Change, NSBA 20 to Watch, CDE Top 40 Innovators,@ClassroomChamps Teacher, Co-Host of @EduAllStarsHQ Texas
  22. @dancallahan (13,600 followers) Instructional Technology Specialist K-5@PineGlenLTC with 1:1 iPads, #edcamp Foundation Chairman and Co-founder,@AntiochNewEng Professor on #teamnextgen. Burlington, MA ·
  23. @DebChitwood(13,300 followers) I’m a Montessori educator/writer, former homeschooler, and mother of two adult children. I love sharing ideas and activities and encouraging others! Colorado Springs, Colorado ·
  24. @flourishingkids (11,200 followers) youTeacher/proud grandma/author of Encouragement in the Classroom (ASCD) and “25 Super Sight Word Songs & Mini-Books” (Scholastic). SF Bay Area, CA
  25. @frankisibberson (9,500 followers) 3rd grade teacher, reader, blogger, mother, wanna-be runner ( ) Dublin,
  26. @colbysharp (9,475 followers) Dad, husband, lead learner 3rd grade. I help out with#nerdybookclub, #titletalk, #nErDcampMI, #nerdlution, and #nerdbery. Classroom account @sharpleaders116 Downtown Albion, MI
  27. @TechMinock (9,181 followers) 4D Education Evangelist @DAQRI, Educator, Co-Founder of @ARDetroit & #2GuysShow on EdReach Google Glass Explorer! Novi, Michigan
  28. @PaulSolarz (8,167 followers) 2014 Educator of the Year (@ICE_IL). 5th grade National Board Certified Teacher focusing on 21stCenturySkills while integrating MacBooks & iPads. #tlap#5thchat Arlington Heights, IL ·…
  29. @LParisi (5,675 followers) Elementary teacher, author, Google Certified Teacher, DEN LC, Smart Exemplary Educator, Glogster, Fablevision, and Voki ambassador, Blogger. Long Island, New York ·
  30. @lindayollis (5,567 followers) • Elementary teacher for 28 years • Committed to meaningful integration of technology • Passionate about educational blogging • Google Certified Teacher. Los Angeles
  31. @kellys3ps (5,500 followers) M.Ed 3rd and 4th Grade (looping) Teacher and Mom of 6 boys.
  32. @SimplySuzy (4,447 followers) ♥ my @ThirdGraders! Educatalyst, Lafora Disease Assailant, iEnthusiast, FableVision Ambassador, DENStar, MASCD Board, Shutterbug, MassCUE Pathfinder, Girl Scout. Cape Cod Canal · @SimplySuzy: Simply Amazing for Massachusetts Teachers!
  33. @TechieAng (3,895 followers) Wife. Mother. Friend. Educator. Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2011. DEN Star. Kindergarten and Literacy@School Learning Centre Classroom teacher. Ontario ·
  34. @newfirewithin (3,883 followers) Idealist to a fault. I’m a self-confessed teacher burnout in recovery. I love Jesus, my wife, & my 4 kids. I really do. I miss teaching but not being a teacher. DFW, Texas.
  35. @literacydocent (3,800 followers) Wife. Auntie. 5th Grade Teacher. Literacy Adjunct Instructor. Co-host #MELit Chat. Chairperson #nErDcampNNE. Devoted to inspiring life-long reading habits! Biddeford, Maine
  36. @daydreamreader (3,725 followers) 2nd grade teacher, mom and reader! I enjoy helping out with #virtualbookclub & #2ndchat! A proud member of the#nerdybookclub!
  37. @JasonSeliskar (3,100 followers) 4th Grade/Google Certified Teacher/Azusa Pacific Adjunct/#SGVCUE President/#CUE & #ISTE member/1:1 Chromebook & iPad Classroom/2014 CUE Outstanding Teacher. Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
  38. @DahlD (3,095 followers) 2nd grade teacher, edublogger, and techie. Masters in Brain-Based teaching through BrainSMART. I like to think I’m funny, but my sons assure me otherwise. McKinney, Texas
  39. @staceymoore (2,900 followers) wife @huntkentucky, mommy to ethan & ella, 3rd grade teacher, and blogger from kentucky#BCN#Cougarbaseball#BBN#WeareUK#Reds#Forever29#BatCats#wearebckentucky
  40. @TeacherInMe (2,880 followers) 3rd Grade Teacher ~ No-box Thinker ~ Controlled chaos expert (or at least like to think so) ~ Be the change you want to see.
  41. @derrallg (2,745 followers) 5th grade teacher, DEN star educator, Google Certified Teacher with a lifelong passion for information literacy, communication, and learning in Silicon Valley. Cupertino (CA, United States)
  42. @katsok (2,715 followers) Wife, Mom to two boys, and teacher to 20+ Fifth Graders each year!
  43. @TeachHeath (2,653 followers) ENGAGE NOW! I’m a NBCT Elem Teacher who loves sharing Quick, Easy, Cheap & Fun Ideas to Boost STUDENT ENGAGEMENT!…
  44. @MaryLeeHahn (2,513 followers) 5th grade language arts teacher, reader, blogger, poet-in-training. Dublin, OH
  45. @fr4ncie (2,429 followers) Elem resource teacher, teacher coach, GL Educator of the Year, married to my college sweetie, mom to 5 boys (yes, FIVE!), Go Blue! Grand Ledge, MI
  46. @MissBamberger (2,375 followers) 4th grade teacher, constant learner, ed tech lover, Public Ed Believer, #ipad#mysteryskype#elemsci moderator/ co-founder, #4thchatcontributor. Lancaster, PA
  47. @ElemntryMatters (2,262 followers) I’ve been a teacher for over 30 years and love sharing with other teachers. I have a passion for the brain, kids, learning, singing, and the Red Sox. New Hampshire
  48. @saraallen91 (2,206 followers) follower of Jesus; love my husband, daughter, family, friends, and students; enjoy reading, writing, painting, traveling, scuba diving, and learning new things!
  49. @MrMatthewRay (2,190 followers) Elementary teacher of special ed. Believer in abilities and value of all children. Edu blogger. I’m in it for the kids. On a fitness journey. (Own views only.) NY
  50. @DerekBraman (1,975 followers) I am a fifth grade teacher who has the best job ever. I love finding great new ways to give my students meaningful experiences. Especially using fun tech! Kentwood, MI

Upcoming Dates (Please see shared calendar on Outlook)

Monday 2/1-2/5: National Counselor's Week

Wednesday 2/3: Internal Instructional Rounds, K-4 Lesson Collaboration Meetings 3:05-4:00, Warm-up Wednesday, MS. BALL RETURNS :)

Thursday: PLCs/RTI Meetings

Friday: 3rd Six Weeks Assemblies, Day Without Make-up

Monday 2/8: Val-O-Grams go on sale (PTA), BHE ELA Alignment Meeting

Wednesday 2/10: Staff Meeting (All Attend), Warm-up Wednesday, Pizza Patrol

Thursday 2/11: PLCs, BHE Math Alignment Meeting, Cliburn Performance 3rd/4th, last day to purchase Val-O-Grams

Friday 2/12: PTA Val-O-Gram Delivery in AM, Valentine Exchange

Monday 2/15-2/19: Choose Kind Anti-Bullying Week

Tuesday 2/16: Team Lead Meeting

Wednesday: 2/17 Mae's Baby Shower, MPR 3:05, Warm-up Wednesday

Looking Forward:

Wednesday, 2/24: Instructional Rounds

Thursday 2/25: Family Reading Night, 6:00-7:30

Monday 2/29: Boosterthon Kickoff Pep Rally

Thursday, 3/3: OPEN HOUSE

Wednesday 3/9: Boosterthon Fun Run

Thursday 3/10: Spring Sock Hop Dance, 6:00-8:00 (PTA)

Trust and Teamwork

I'd like to thank you all for your teamwork and trust over these last few months. It's a difficult thing, change. Changing administrators, expectations, procedures, grade levels,'s not easy on any of us! I do want to take a quick moment to just thank you all for your willingness to trust your new administration over the last few months.

Jim, Lauren and I hope that you trust the path we are on, and we will share more of our vision for BHE in an upcoming staff meeting. I included the quote below because I believe it 100%. My goal is for every single staff member to feel as though we are one large team..we're ALL in this together! We want you all to "BE FEARLESS" as Jim recently the process, work through the changes, trust one another, and trust that we are here to support you all. At the end of the day, we're all here for one reason...the kids.

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Have a wonderful week! Thank you for ALL that you do!