Vegetable Garden Ministry

Weekly Newsletter 8/1/19

Upcoming Events:

Saturday Gardening

Saturday, Aug. 3rd, 7:30am

Saint Michael Vegetable Garden

Leadership Opportunities

At our annual meeting/ pot-luck, September 5th at 6 pm, we will be electing a *NEW* ministry lead and co-lead. If you are interested in filling either position please let Weldon or Bill know. They are available to answer questions!

  • Bill Collins 817-832-2448
  • Weldon Norman 817-360-1035

There will also be an opening for a new garden board member.

Figs! Lots & Lots of Figs

Come on by the garden and help yourself to some figs. There are plenty!

Photo Gallery

Big picture
Photos and captions provided by Helen Bradley. Thank you!
Big picture

Helen & Weldon

pick only "Kroger-worthy" cucumbers!

Photo credit: Ofel C.

Need Urgent Assistance?

Contact the Vegetable Garden Ministry Leaders:

  • Bill Collins 817-832-2448 OR
  • Weldon Norman 817-360-1035

<-- There's a rabbit in the cucumber patch!