!!!!!!!BOOM!!!!!!! CRACK,SNAP ,FWOOM!! The 93 airlines plane twisting through trees like the roller coaster the plane skidded to a halt and a slammed my head on my seat."ouch"I said,looking around me dazed.Nobody seemed to be moving."hello!" I shouted into the torn frame of the cockpit "anybody here!",I screamed desperately.Nobody was here,Nobody to help just me and my backpack.I was stranded and lost in the amazon, How do I Know it is the amazon, I was about to land in Brazil and I know one thing, the amazon is very deadly.An I will tell you how to survive.

how to survive

you need a weapon to protect yourself from any predators, leopards, foxes, and cannibals.

try to set camp on a hill or a tree you need to go to bed early in order to keep your strength.

army ants are dangerous! they eat anything in there path, stay out of there way.

where loose fitting clothing so you don't trip as your being chased by a cannibal .

this website below list survival skills.

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  • Avoid plants with white or yellow berries.
  • Don’t eat mushrooms. Some are safe, but many are highly toxic and even deadly, so it’s not worth the risk.
  • Avoid plants with thorns.
  • If it tastes bitter or soapy, spit it out.
  • Steer clear of shiny leaves.
  • Stay away from plants with leaves in groups of three.
  • Stay away from plants with umbrella-shaped flowers.
  • Avoid beans or plants with seeds inside a pod.
  • Milky or discolored sap is a warning sign.
  • Avoid anything with an almond smell.

unless you read this

obtain water by the leaves and watch the monkeys they can teach you survival skills.

Animals and Plants

Weʼll have to watch for snakes and poisonous insects. Listen for clues about what is around you.

Watch where you step and use a machete to clear vegetation as you walk. Using a long stick ahead of you can also help you avoid spider webs.

In the rain forest, there are many kinds of animals ranging from harmless (leaf cutter ants) to weird (Howler Monkeys), to dangerous (Jaguars and wild boar).

Be careful handling plants – some have thorns and some are poisonous. Weʼll be working with experienced guides, so Iʼm not too worried… yet!

Who knows what else we will be doing, maybe working on a banana farm, or doing research in the jungle.

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Survival in the Amazon Rainforest
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