Brad Jackson

Straight outta SL,UT

About me

Im half Japanese and Half American. I was born in Kagoshima, Japan. I am the oldest sibling, I have two little sisters, one in elementary school named Olivia and one in middle school named Amelia. Amelia has Down syndrome and is my favorite sister but I still love Olivia too. I am currently a senior at Highland high school. I play three sports during the school year, Football, wrestling, and Rugby, My favorite out of all of them is rugby. I joined the Highland Rugby team when I was sophomore and was hooked, it's the best and most fun sport i've ever played. In the future I want to play college rugby and hopefully play for the japanese national rugby team. I also love to travel! My mother works for Delta so we get to travel a lot, i've been to France, Belgium, Holland, England, Ireland, Spain, and Japan. For college, I either want to go to BYU or the University of Utah. I'm also quite a shy guy but sometimes can be the most talkative guy.

Six Nations 2015 best tries and moments

Smores thoughts

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