Discussion generators

Beginning discussions though the use of modern technology

Teachers are always looking for ways to include all students in class discussions. The value of these tools is that it gives the quiet students a 'voice' and a place to publish their opinions in a safe environment.


This website enables teachers to create a 'group' for students to contribute ideas to during class discussions. All the teacher needs to do is create the group and send a link to the students. The students then will post to the group and the browser shows a live stream of everyone contributions. Projecting the group onto a screen as the students are contributing posts would be a great way to begin class discussions.


Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows teachers to construct polls and discussion groups for students. For audiences of less than 40 people, the resource is FREE, which is perfect for the everyday classroom. Students can text in, or submit their responses online. The best thing about this website is that the polling is live, so students can watch the results coming in as their peers select their answers.


Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey has been around for sometime and it is still an excellent tool to use in the classroom. Teachers can develop surveys to send to the students, who can complete them in class or at home. It is free when you use it for developing a 10 question survey, with a maximum of 100 responses in return. To make the most out of this option, it is best suited as if teachers develop surveys with 4 questions, so that the average class size of 25 can all answer.