Vol. 1 No. 1 ~ Sep. 10, 2013

Welcome Back!

It’s a new school year with big changes in Ogden School District’s libraries. Each school will be staffed by two library clerks who will open library doors to circulate books, foster a love of reading, and meet with students individually or as a class to promote books and library resources.

Seven District Teacher Librarians will be scheduled flexibly across the district to supervise the library clerks and to collaborate and co-teach with targeted teachers and students (K-12) on short and long-term research projects. They are eager to share project ideas, research skills, and resources that will be instrumental for project-based teaching and learning for the Utah Core Standards.

The District Library Program offers a new structure, new ideas, and new opportunities for the entire school community to work together to meet the needs of our 21st-century learners.

Thinking, Creating, Sharing, Growing

The district teacher librarians have been active this summer and school year developing and implementing phase one of the new District Library Program:

  • screening and interviewing library clerk applicants
  • developing and leading two-week training for library clerks
  • assisting library clerks with library setup
  • assessing and standardizing the district's libraries
  • standardizing Destiny (library management system) district wide
  • developing a district policies and procedures manual for libraries
  • participating in professional development (Google Apps for Education, UEN/Pioneer, District PD Days, Pacific Northwest Library Conference)
  • creating a District Library Program newsletter for district employees and the community
  • developing a resource website for students, teachers, parents, and library clerks
  • assisting library clerks with collection decisions, cataloging, processing, and purchasing
  • attending faculty meetings and meeting with principals to introduce the District Library Program

Coming soon... phase two! Watch for the District Teacher Librarians in the schools as they begin to collaborate with teachers and students on research projects.

Clerk Training

The teacher librarians and library clerks have been very busy the first two weeks of school. In training workshops held at Ogden High School and Ben Lomond High School, the clerks have been learning the school library circulation and catalog system, gathering literacy activity and book promotion ideas, and exploring great books to share with students. At their schools, the library clerks have been working hard to get the libraries ready for students. When you see a library clerk at your school, share a smile or a pat on the back. They're doing a great job!

Ogden School District Teacher Librarians

We are excited to collaborate on a co-teaching project with you. Please contact us:

Amy Jamison MA

Katie Kilts

Daniel Mauchley

Christine McFarland M.Ed.

Shelly Ripplinger

Elaine Shelburne MLS / M.Ed.

Avan Thayn

(801)-737-8775 (OHS) or (801)-737-7908 (BLHS)


"Think, Create, Share, Grow" are used with permission from the American Association of School Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.