Fantastic Fishing

By: Dalton Bills

The Run Down

An activity done mostly in free time but can be competitive. many tournaments are held making it a sport for some. While using bait on a hook real or fake you try to lure the fish in to catch it. the verity of baits are unbelievable but some are good for only servant condensations and some are good for others.
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What To Do

First do your research on the fish you want to catch to day were are going for blue gill so now you need a bait what ever the research says ill use corn after that you can add a bobber if you want. lastly cast the line out and wait till it takes the bait.

You have a problem i'll fix it.

Some problems you can run a crossed when fishing are not catching any fish. One way you can help fix this is to change the type or style of the bait you are using or switch to live or fake depending on what you already have or to just move to a new location. another problem is getting your line stuck.This is a vary common problem to fix it you can try to retrieve it or you can cut the line.

Whats the difference

we will look at the difference between real and fake fishing lures, there are pros and cons to both of the lures.real and fake lures are alike in several ways. Both real and fake lures have similar results when it comes to amount of fish caught. On the other hand,one way they are different is of course one is alive the other is not. Another way they are different is the cost between the real and fake lure.