Inigo Jones

Georgia Zarella

A little history...

Birth: July 15, 1573

Birth place: London, United Kingdom

Spent most of his life: Travelling to Italy to study Architeture painting and design

Education and training:

  • Studied antique Buidings
  • Travelled to Europe to study paintings
  • Travelled to Italy to study architecuterue of the Renaissance

His lifestyle:

  • He was infulenced by the work of the Italin Archiet, employed by Queen Anne
  • He was a son of a welshworker

Inigo Jones represents Humanism because he relyed on himself to progress and learn. He was incharge of self motivating himself. Along with information prevously mentioned he also showed us secularism. This is because he seperated his relgion between his daily life.

So what did he do...

Inigo Jones was known as a talented Native artist in England. He was introduced as an Italin Renaissance archetucture. He was also extremly gifted with exceptional experience in being a Painter and Stage designer. Some of his buildings include the following, Banqueting House which is located in the White hall and Queens House in Greenwhich. Only Seven of his buildings remain standing today.

Well whos his Patrons...

  1. King Christain in Iv of Denmark and Norway
  2. King Christain Iv's sister, Anne (the queen of England)
  3. King James I England
  4. Roger Manners, 5th of Earl of Ruthland
  5. Earl of Arundel
  6. King Charles I

Queen's house

So what about this piece...

Created: Completed by 1603 and later altered by John Web

Location of the building today: London, England

Intrest in the piece: When viewing this building I imaditatly notice the small details in the piece. It is very clean and simple yet extremely detailed. I also observe the numerous amount of chimneys stationed in the building. When researching about this building I realize that this building is what produced Indigo Jones to become famous.

Virtual Venue Visit Tour: The Queen's House

A little more...

This piece was significant due to the fact that artistics is brought into this building. Their is clear, preseice and detailed work assembled in this building. It is filled with countless jaw dropping ancients throughout the building.

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