Obstacles of a Travel Team

the story of danny Walker

"He said he wanted the twelve-year-old travel team to get bigger?' (Lupica 15)

Danny Walker is a small kid, that in it self makes his life more of a challenge, but these coaches make his life much more difficult when the decide to cut his for his size rather then look at his ability. The people who look down on him will always be an obstacle he has to overcome, and these coaches signify the worst he could have to deal with, those how only look at what the want to see, a small kid playing basketball.

Basketball is the main theme of the novel and how to overcome obstacles in sports but this Idea of living above expectations in universal and can be applied to anything.

"..Tell you all about Richie Walker, the dazzling point guard from the tiny town in eastern long island..." (Lupica 21)

Danny's father, Richie, has always been the star of Middletown, their home town. Riche was one of the best basketball players to leave the town and everybody knows it, including Danny. He has always had to live up to his fathers ability always hoping to be as good as him. He is always compared to the great Richie Walker, which is a lot of pressure to put on one kid.

Danny's struggles with height are constant throughout the book, and the author uses it to show how one can overcome something they have no control over.

"Sometimes he can't figure out why he's here until he's not here anymore," she said "part of your fathers charm" (Lupica 25)

If you couldn't tell from before one of the biggest obstacles in Danny's life is his father. He not only was a great basketball player, he was a forgotten about all-star. After his career ended Danny's father was too ashamed to com e back home, so he never did, leaving Danny without a father, and growing up without a dad is tough on any kid.

Danny's Dad Richie is in the novel to help show where a life free of obstacles gets you, being given everything in life will not lead to greatness.
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