Three Blind Mice

Lesson 1 Mastery Assignment

The Arrest

First thing first when it come to crime is arresting the criminal. We have Polly here who has been selling weed which is a felony and illegal, well one day the cops found her and they proceeded to arrest her on the scene, as they took her away they had to make sure to tell her what her rights were or else that could be a lot of trouble later on in the case. She had the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney/public defender which would be appointed to her if she needed one, she had the right to have her attorney present, and to stop answering questions.

The Court

After Polly was arrested she was almost immediately taken to court where the judge gives her a bail amount that corresponded to how bad her felony was. Polly could also go in front of a grand jury (there is also a jury called the petit jury it has less power than the grand jury but it is used during civil trials) depending on if her indictment was bad enough to be sent to prison for. The defendant, which is Polly, is then sent in for her arraignment and has to state her plea bargain and say whether she is guilty, not guilty, or no contest. She can also request a trial by jury.

The Trial

This is when both attorney's (the prosecution and defense attorneys) make their statements, they can then proceed to call up witnesses who might have bought from Polly or seen her selling on the streets (a subpoena can be used to call a person to court), make their testimony for or against Polly. All of the witnesses are also under oath so they are not supposed to lie or else they could get in a lot of trouble also doing so is called perjury.

The Verdict

After the trial the jury is then sent to come up with the verdict of what to do with Polly, the felon. There are three fates that can be put on Polly after the jury votes and gives the judge their answer. She can either be found guilty, this is usually because the jury found evidence that gave them no doubt that she was guilty, usually results in a unanimous decision, or she can be acquitted which is another term for not guilty, and if the jury cannot decide the judge decides that the trial was a mistrial or a hung jury. The defendant Polly also has the option to appeal to a higher court.