Phones! And Dead Brain Cells?

Are phones Absorbing Our Life?

Are Cell Phones Frying Your Brain?

Phones have been getting nicer and that has caused panic. It has caused many teen deaths and is killing brain cells. Teens spend about 53 hours a week on their phones which is wasting time they could use properly.

Do you think digital distraction is a big issue for readers today?


I think digital distraction is a real issue because learners are spending all their time on phones and no time with friends and family. Also, I think that if you are more careful and try to keep everything in check it is possible for it not to be a problem. According to the text on page 8 is says, "...these interruptions are hard on your overtaxed brain." Our brains get overwhelmed with everything when we try to do too much at once. On page 7 the author says," You're doing homework but hey, why not check latest NBA rankings?" Every time you take a break from doing homework and check your phone you loose your concentration and have to regain it. I believe that if teens would really try to make this problem under control they could but currently this is a problem.

Emma Breeden, Mrs. Hart 1st hour

How will this article change my cell phone usage?

I am going to try and spend less time in front of my phone and more time playing outside and with my friends. I will put my phone in a different room while I am doing homework and sleeping. I think this will help with my digital distraction issue.