How The Croaked (Edgar Allen Poe)

Ashley Sargent

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born on January 19, 1809, Boston, MA

died on October 7, 1849, Baltimore, MD

Poe was a famous poet, he was famous for his writings.

History of Poe!

By the time Edgar was three years old his mother died of tuberculosis. He sat in a room with his mother's dead corpse for a couple of days until they removed the body.Soon after his mother died he became a foster child and was raised by fanny and John Allen. Edgar was fifteen when his first girlfriend dropped dead with tuberculosis. By the time he was twenty he gone to college, dropped out and published his first book of poems. Which writing became his life's work.His stepmom Fanny started coughing up blood and she eventually died of tuberculosis. That's when John Allen told Edgar to get lost. Poe got in touch with her brother, Henry, but then he died of tuberculosis. Later on, he met up with his first cousin Virginia, they got married and she ended up dying of tuberculosis.

Money was also an issue between Poe and John Allan. When Poe went to the University of Virginia in 1826, he didn't receive enough funds from Allan to cover all his costs. Poe turned to gambling to cover the difference, but ended up in debt. He returned home only to face another personal setback, his neighbor and fiancé Elmira Royster had become engaged to someone else. Heartbroken and frustrated, Poe left the Allan's.


3yrs old: His mother died of tuberculosis, he sat in a room with the rotting corpse until someone took it. Important because this led to the start of his writing career.

20yrs old: He went to college, dropped out, went into the army and dropped out of that too. Important because when he finished that he published his first book.

1845: "The Raven" was published. This is important because this is what made Poe a celebrity, everyone wanted to know him.

1845 after "The Raven" was published: Although troubles occurred he kept writing. He tried ditching his troubles by drinking. This is important because it changed the way people viewed him, they avoided him like the plague.

6 days later: Poe completely vanished. This is important because there was no record of where he had gone or what he was doing and, for a relatively famous man.

Diseases of how Poe croaked!

  • some say alcohol poisoning.
  • some think rabies.
  • also some say tuberculosis since it followed him so closely.

Medicines used to treat the diseases!

Tuberculosis: can be treated with antibiotics, but must use the antibiotics for up to 6-9 months.

Rabies: no specific treatment for rabies but you can get rabies shots if the docs assume that the animal that has bitten you has rabies.

Alcohol Poisoning: if you have this drink lots of fluids so you can push out the bad.


  • Tuberculosis:Tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially serious infectious disease that mainly affects your lungs. The bacteria that cause tuberculosis are spread from one person to another through tiny droplets released into the air via coughs and sneezes.

  • Rabies:Rabies is a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals. The rabies virus is usually transmitted through a bite.

  • Alcohol poisoning:sometimes deadly — consequence of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time.

  • Belligerent:hostile and aggressive

  • Blathered:talk long-windedly without making very much sense.
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