A Very Important Day

by: Drew

Pedro Comes to the United States

Question: How do you feel about becoming a American citizen?

Pedro:I feel good about becoming a American citizen it is good to be in the united states. What better way to come in the united states and join in New York.

Question: What was it like in Mexico?

Pedro : was Nice. All tell you what we never git snow in mexico like we do know in New York.

Question: How do you like New York?

Pedro: feel good about coming to New York because the united states is a good state. I really love cities especially New York.

Question: Do you like snow. you don't see much where you live?

Pedro: i like snow i wish winter never ended.

Question: Why do you love cities so much?

Pedro: I like cities so much because i love all the noise of traffic and there so big.

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The Very Important Day

That was a very important day for Pedro. It was a very important day for Pedro because, He became a american cititzen that day. He celebrated that day to. He did stuff like go downtown eat a special breakfast. He got a present from his friend. That was such a special day for him and at the end of the day he became a cititzen to the united states.