Summer Of The Wolves

By: Polly Carlson-Voilles

Lexile: 790 RC Points: 32

Main Character: Nika McNeill

Nika McNeill is a 12 year old girl who has been jumping around from foster home to foster home with her 7 year old brother Randall for almost 2 years. They finally meet their long-lost uncle and stay with him for the summer. Nika and her uncle find a wolf pup and raise it. She feels like her life has changed finally. And it has.


"Stop! Stop! I'll get my uncle. You'll go to jail!"

- Nika McNeill

pg. 255

Character Pillar: Resiliency

Nika has to give up taking care of Khan and she is very upset about it. After giving him up she realizes it's for the best and is happy with her uncle's decision.