Practical Arts Weekly Update

December 3, 2021

FACS 1 - Burton

This week and last, we focused on recipes that use the oven as the source of heat. We made compound butter, biscuits, and two different types of cookies. Next up, recipes that require the use of the stovetop. December 17 - All work from second quarter is due and it is test day.

FACS Discovery - Hertlein

This week we used our machine sewing skills to create a potholder which will be the summative project for this unit. Next week we will move on to hand sewing!

FACS 2 - Hertlein

Just before break, we began the Machine Sewing Unit. Students have learned about machine safety and parts, as well as how to use and thread the machine. Students will use these skills to create a duffle bag which will be their summative project for machine sewing.

Shop 1 - Doner

Students are transitioning from their Plastic/Metal projects to their Paper Towel Rack. We are in the home stretch! If students need extra work sessions outside of school, I will be staying after school next Tuesday (12/7) and Wednesday (12/8).

Engineering - Kramer

Students will be designing rocket fins and technical drawing with their team partner. Construction of Boyle's law rocket.continues. Please remember to bring 2 liter empty soda bottles….for your design

Shop 2 - Kramer

Students will be submitting chapter work on canvas that is missing or incomplete. Layout and measurement tools are discussed and utilized this week for students' projects.

Digital MM Arts - Rachal

Tech Ed 1 - Rachal

Computer Science - Mason

Tech Ed 1 - Mason

Makerspace - Davis

We are starting our final project the week of 12/6! Be on the lookout for more information to come!

Sustainability - Hayes

This week, we have been working on a project about “The Secret Life of Stuff” to help assess the size of carbon footprint different items make. We also have been working to wrap up the “Passion Project” write-ups. Students will begin presenting their projects to the class next week.

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