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Last month

Last month (May) we covered the issue of הכרזה. In order to find the owner of the lost item we have to announce that we found an item.

We had few assessments in class and by sending out 4 google forms.

I find the google forms as a highly effective tool for students and myself as I can spot weaknesses and strengths in the teaching and learning process. In some forms the students get an immediate response to their answers.

This month

This month which is the last month (can you imagine?) we are going to learn the following topics:

1. What exactly should the finder announce? (I am sure that by now you already guess that there is a Machloket- disagreement about it, like 99% of the cases in the Talmud)

2. סימנים- How can I proof my ownership? How can I tell that one is an honest person and one is not? The Torah is using the idea of Simanim, knowing the details of the object as a proof of my ownership. We will analyze this idea and will have some critical discussions and readings about it.

Connections to our life:

The need to balance conflicting values.

In our case we have to balance between an easy way to return a lost object and preventing dishonest people from getting it.

We will discuss balancing conflicts as security vs. freedom (The need to protect ourselves from terrorists vs. long and unpleasant security checks) and other examples.

Tests, quizzes, etc.

This month we will have one (last!) test and in class assessments. There will be 5-7 google forms that your child has to complete at home.

You can see an example here.

Extra help

As usual I am available on lunch Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and every morning between 8:20-8:35 (by appointment please)