Title I Newsletter

October 2021

Important Dates

September 15th-October 15th-Hispanic Heritage Month

October 1-31-National Book Month

October 8th- End of Quarter

October 11th-Teacher Workday

Saturday Homework Help- Lewis School

Lewis School is addressing a parent-identified need by venturing out into the community to provide homework and tutoring help across the content areas! What a wonderful way to build capacity for supporting students and families! The first two sessions were held at the Valparaiso Library with several repeat students attending! #FalconsFamiliesandStudentsFirst

In the News - Walker Elementary

Mr. Steven Turner, a fourth grade teacher, is featured on The Chat with Lauren McMillan and Kara Elmore. He is leading Walker Elementary's newly formed after school Academic News Team to increase communication with families and the community. The Owls' student news crew writes their own script on topics such as weather, sports, legends, book reviews and upcoming Walker events. You can view this talented team on the Walker Facebook page as well as their recent episodes of The Big News! #WalkerOwlsCommunicationCentral

Embracing Student Diversity and Parent Involvement- Pryor Middle School

Pryor Middle School is offering free English sessions for parents during the month of October. Participants will engage in learning to speak, listen, read, and write in English through engaging hands-on activities presented in individual, small group, and whole group settings. #PryorBuildingParentCapacity

Scoring All the Way Down the Field!- Mary Esther Elementary

Yes, it is football season and Mary Esther Elementary is driving down the field to score! Their school-wide football competition must be activitating some fierce competitive spirit! Mary Esther's Team Thunderbirds are leading the Okaloosa i-Ready data pack with the highest district year-to-date percentages in both reading and math. What a way to end the first quarter! The competition is on! Who will be in scoring position as we enter the second quarter?


For the Love of Reading

October 1st began National Read a Book Month. Why read? There are many benefits to reading which include developing vocabulary, expanding knowledge, and lowering stress. Many schools across the district are holding Scholastic Book Fairs to encourage the love of reading! What better way to promote your favorite authors and to increase family reading time. New books, old books, big books, small books, funny books, any type of books! Join the millions of readers across the nation celebrating National Read a Book Month! Use #NationalBookMonth to tell friends what you are reading and why!

Southside Elementary: Reading Education Assistance Dog

The R.E.A.D. Program – Barnaby, a reading education assistance dog, will come to Southside weekly to listen to 2nd grade students read. They will read to Barnaby approximately 20 minutes, using levelized reading materials. The mission of the R.E.A.D. program is to improve literacy skills of children through the assistance of registered therapy teams as literacy mentors.

#Read withBarnaby

i-Ready: Maximize Personalized Instruction

Now that we have finished the first quarter, it is time to reflect on how your school's i-Ready implementation is addressing learning loss and acceleration as well as how to maximize personalized instruction to support continued growth.

Remember that that i-Ready Central Resources provide a wealth of information to support teachers and students with these topics! The i-Ready Personalized Instruction Action Plan provides guidance to support efforts with addressing individual student or whole class needs. This resource can be accessed at the following link:


In addition, follow these best practices for educators to maximize instruction:

  • Be actively involved with monitoring and responding to instruction paying attention to student lesson alerts (domains shut off or students needing additional support_, lesson time-on-task (45 minutes weekly), and percent of lessons passed (75% or higher)
  • Review and discuss data with students weekly, address areas of concern, and celebrate successes
  • Engage students in self-reflection about their progress toward established goals

Additional i-Ready training is being provided at school locations to inform teachers of ways to support student instruction. What other resources from i-Ready or Ready are being used in your school to maximize instruction? Have you used the Text Selector Tool? It is a quick way to locate available content-specific text to enhance topics being studies in social studies, science, literature, and art. This resource can be found under Provide Support at the previously shared link.


National Hispanic Heritage Month

First Lady Casey DeSantis announced the theme as "Celebrating Hispanic-American Community Leaders and Champions". This monthly celebration began September 15 and continues through October 15th with many opportunities to recognize and celebrate diversity throughout the state. Visit www. Florida Hispanic Heritage.com for additional information.

Dr. Delilah Lewis

Title I Instructional Remediation Coach