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What Our Lions are Learning

6th Grade

Our Swann sixth graders are studying Ancient Greece in Social Studies and plate tectonics in Science. In Math, they are solving for missing variables, and in ELA, they are reading adventure texts.

7th Grade

Our Swann seventh graders are studying WWI from the global perspective in Social Studies, genetics in Science, rational numbers in Math, and mystery texts in ELA.

8th Grade

Our Swann eighth graders are studying WWI from the US perspective in Social Studies and microorganisms in Science. In Math, they are working with expressions and equations, and they are reading science fiction texts in ELA.

Classroom Spotlight

Our seventh grade science classes are studying genetics! Students are learning all about DNA, Punnett squares, and pedigree charts. Last week, in Ms. Daniel's class, students extracted DNA from strawberries. In Ms. Williamson-Russell's class, students flipped coins to determine the alleles their monster babies would inherit and drew the resulting creatures. In Ms. Zegarra's class, students practiced reading pedigree charts to determine what genetic traits offspring would inherit. Students will continue studying genetics and doing more labs in the coming weeks, so be sure to ask your seventh grade Lions what they are learning in Science!

STEM Stories

Ms. Thompson's 6th grade STEM lab students are learning about entrepreneurship and design thinking with their Shark Tank project. They've brainstormed an idea for a new product, written business plans and pitches, and designed their product in Tinkercad. Next, they will print 3D models of their products!

Encore Corner

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Bocci

Dr. Bocci is the 6th and 7th Grade Assistant Principal. She has worked in education in Guilford County for many years. She's taught Spanish in GCS, worked as an instructor in the School of Education at UNCG, and served as Co-Director of the Experiential School of Greensboro.

Dr. Bocci loves Disney, theatre, riding roller coasters, and hiking. Her favorite thing to do is travel, especially with her daughter. Her hidden talent is decorating cakes, and she enjoys leading her daughter's Girl Scout troop and building scenery for her daughter's theatre productions.

Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown is our full-time sub for Ms. Claiborne's 6th grade math classes. She works closely with Ms. Bruce (our other 6th grade math teacher), Ms. Hampton (our math multi-classroom leader), and district math support staff to ensure our students are receiving high quality math instruction.

The Social Studies Team

Our Social Studies teachers at Swann are the definition of teamwork! Ms. Murphrey recently moved from 7th grade to 6th grade Social Studies, and our 8th grade teachers Mr. Porter and Ms. Shivers have stepped in to teach 7th grade social studies as well as their 8th grade classes. They are joined by Mr. Cunningham who is also teaching one of the 7th grade classes while we continue searching for a high-quality candidate for this position. Thank you to these awesome educators for all their work ensuring our Lions get the education they deserve!

Lion Athletics Updates

On Monday, the Lions faced off against Allen at home. The Girls Basketball Team played hard but lost their game13 to 32. The Boys Basketball Team played competitively, but lost in the final seconds 44 to 46.

See the calendar below for upcoming athletic events.

Basketball Swann vs. Allen

Wednesday, Feb. 9th, 5pm

Allen Middle School

Wrestling Swann vs. Lincoln

Monday, Feb. 14th, 5pm

Swann Gym

Basketball Swann vs. Lincoln

Monday, Feb. 14th, 5pm

Lincoln Middle School