The Key To Success

Tala Yacoub

May 23, 2016

The Journey

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish," John Quincy Adams once stated. Perseverance is the continuance of a task despite the difficulties and hardships that may be faced. Perseverance is an adventure, and success is the destination. People may falter during the journey, yet perseverance encourages them to stand and continue. Determination, confidence, and ambition are key to triumph. People continue to maintain persistence despite the defeat of others. They depend on their determination to guide their way to their accomplishments. There are many people who have demonstrated perseverance in life to lead them to their successes.

Two Roads Diverged

In Kid President’s video "A Pep Talk from Kid President to You", Kid President wants to inspire the audience to perform actions that lead to awesome. One way this is created is when people are there as support during difficulties. When they do so, they give encouragement to inspire a person to keep going and not give up on his or her goals and dreams. “We’re on the same team!” Kid President states. People should form a goal that matters. A goal should be made for a person to work towards. “Don’t make a goal that’s stupid,” Kid president indicated. The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost was included in the video. “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by.” People be afraid to take another road, or make another goal, that is different from others.

Cause and Effect

One Keystroke at a Time

Paul Smith creates beautiful pieces of art with a typewriter despite his disabilities. Smith was born with cerebral palsy. His movements are very limited. It makes using a brush or pencil difficult to use. He found that the key to expressing himself was with a typewriter. Smith taught himself to “paint” with ten keys on the typewriter. Paul creates incredibly detailed pictures by artistically aligning the ten keys. For instance, he used pound signs to make the facial features on his version of the Mona Lisa. He is very determined when creating his artwork.When a person says they cannot do the same thing, he states, “What can you do?” He believes that a person is capable of doing anything despite the difficulties. A person should try before stating that it is difficult. People state that the artist is more inspiring than his artwork. Smith’s joy in life is finding ways to be creative. He will continue to create his artwork one keystroke at a time.


Taking Steps

Nick Vujicic has had many difficulties during his life that has affected his life today. Vujicic was born without arms or legs. As a child, Vujicic struggled physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yet, he does not let this rare condition confine him. There may be problems in school where people may be teased. He states that when people are teased, it may not be funny to them, and may make them feel bad about themselves. People care about how others act or their appearances. They will believe what they state because if people will not accept them, they believe no one will. One solution to these events is to not listen to whoever is staying negative comments. People should listen to themselves, not others, and maintain positive thoughts. People should believe that they can accomplish anything despite the difficulties. There are some events or situations in life people do not have the choice to change. This may cause discouragement. One possible solution is to persevere despite this issue. The choice that any person has is not to give up, yet keep going. Obstacles may be set, yet a person can overcome them if they jump over them. Nick Vujicic also explains that people may believe others when they state negative things about them. They may say that they cannot do anything. If this occurs, people must take one step at a time in order to overcome the difficulties. They can take steps in different directions, and they may fall along the way. When they fall, they must get back up.

Problem and Solution

The Destination

People can provide others with inspiration and encouragement to accomplish their goal. When others demonstrate perseverance, determination, and confidence, they may inspire people to do so as well. People may have a role models that help them continue to work for their goals. Role models are people who set an example and are looked up to by their behavior and character traits. Idols encourage people to achieve their goals and create new ones. Each person is a hero who guides others to victory and provides society with the key to success. The key opens new doors to success, and many more triumphs to come.