Articles of Confederation

Laura Resendiz

What Were the articles of confederation?

The Articles of Confederation were America's first government. The gorvernment was made to the weak because America did not want another king George so they made sure the federal government was weak than the states.

What are the strengths of the article?

They declare war and peace

They coin and borrow money

They detail with foreign countries and sign treaties

They operate post offices

What are the weaknesses of the article?

The national government could not force the states to obey the laws

Did not have the power to tax

Did not have the power to enforce laws

The Congress lacked strong and steady leadership

They did not have national army or navy

Did not have the system of national courts

Each state could only issue there own paper money

The North West ordinance of 1787

Definition: The law that organized the territory in the northwest.

Importance: Every state in our country was organized y the Northwest Ordinance.

Positive: Territory can become a state

Negative: 60,000 People needed to be a state

Shay's Rebellion

Cause: Farmers were sent to jail because,they couldn't pay their taxes

Effects: Shay's leads to shutdown the courthouses No Courts= No Jail

Positive: Lead to a strong central government

Negative: Articles of Confederation is too weak, it needs to go